Sunday, April 06, 2008

Huuuuge Snowflakes!

It's snowing again. Started about 6.30 with the most enormous snowflakes I think I've ever seen; the garden was covered in about five minutes flat.

Naturally, we all had to go out in it. What else is snow for? Emily's had an absolutely horrible cold all week; this morning it was even worse, so she had to miss karate* but snow is a miraculous healer, so out she went ;-)
Now, it's all very nice, this snow and stuff. I'm not one to complain about some interesting weather for a change. But. Emily had a friend coming for a 24 hour sleepover at 10am on Wednesday, and we also have friends coming over for the day on Friday. Couldn't it have snown on one of those days instead so she has company for running around like a crazed loon?! On the other hand, I also have to take Grandad here there and everywhere else this coming week. For which snow would definitely NOT be an advantage. So perhaps I'd better be careful what I wish for......

*Actually, it turns out she didn't miss anything at all; within seconds of the time she and Jon would normally have left, George rang to tell us that Jacki was very poorly in any case, and he'd had to cancel karate. Which made Emily feel much better, knowing she wasn't missing anything, but her deciding not to go to karate is indicative of how poorly she's feeling, poor baby. Normally wild horses wouldn't keep her away.....

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Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Looks as if she's having great fun. For once we actually had snow down here too!

ps, I'm not sure if you got my email re the blogring but the old one is now defunct and gone, so you need to put the code on for the new one now to be able to use it.