Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let the Music Play

Had a big re-think on Monday. Another one! Decided that we could do with focusing on an objective, or set of objectives for Emily.

So, our objectives for the moment are: learn to play the guitar, start to learn the keyboard/organ, learn about classical music history/famous composers, focus on fitness, progress with latin and delve into medieval history. We've done so much science over the last couple of years that I think we can safely leave that for a little while in order to concentrate elsewhere. Until June, we're going to focus on the above. Plus a mountain load of arts and crafts.

We finally got my old guitar down on Monday and worked out how to tune it and Emily's child size one. Found my old classical guitar books from when I had lessons as a teenager too. I have to say that Emily's taken to it like a duck to water so far and is really, really enthusiastic. It's only been two days, but she's already learnt to read music for the basic e, a, d, g, b and e notes and is playing a couple of simple exercises/tunes using combinations of those. Her little guitar turns out to be absolute rubbish, however, and she's getting on much better with my full size one, so I'm using the little one, lol. Need to find a music stand for her from ebay, since at the moment she has the book propped up on the whiteboard and can't get close enough to read it comfortably.Yesterday we also started to learn about the history of classical music, using the Classic FM Friendly Guide to Music. Although the CD that goes with that is a bit lacking. Will have to try to go through our extensive but largely unlistened to CD collection to dig out examples of the different composers and styles. Anyway, we started off with learning about Hildegard von Bingen and about Gregorian chant, and Emily wrote a bit about that.

Yesterday morning we also did some geography, mainly labelling a UK map with the upland areas of the UK. Really wasn't as fascinating as it should have been, and that was what prompted the re-think. That plus something someone said to me at last night's psychic circle, about trusting my gut instincts more. I know what Emily needs in order to thrive both educationally and emotionally, but I always tend to over-analyse and second guess myself instead of just getting on with it.

Today has been lots more guitar, plus history. Emily wanted to do a quick look at the Celts before we move on to medieval history, so we watched a DVD during which she made extensive notes and sketches, bless her heart. Pretty good study skill that, I would have though, and one which she does instinctively, without the need for being "taught how to study" by a bored school teacher.

We've been focusing on incorporating more exercise into our daily lives for a while now, although Emily's trampolining for at least half an hour a day which surely must count for something. She and I lapsed with our yoga practice; must get back into that. I'm finding it hard to get motivated in our personal life just now - there's so much we need to do in terms of sorting out the house, but it's just overwhelming. Sigh. Need an injection of enthusiasm from somewhere.


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

My two get on better with a big guitar than they do with the own smaller one too. Surprising really..

Your plans for the next month or so sound interesting, looking forward to reading all about them.

Must ask you to remove the old SHE blogring from your blog, it no longer links to anything and is bad advertising for our blogring. I still have your details on the current ring if you still want to change over, if not just delete this one and I'll delete your details on the other :)
Thanks :)


Nikki said...

Hi Linda,

I've removed the old code. I did email you to ask you to send the new code again as I'd lost the email, but maybe my email got lost. I'll go and find the code from the webring site when I get time.

dawny said...

nice guitar position there Emily :o)

Elle said...

Hi Nikki, I've tagged you.