Saturday, August 20, 2005

Anyone NOT Poorly?

We are not a well household this morning. Emily has an extremely high temperature, has been semi-delirious throughout the night, and also has a very hurty tummy :-( meanwhile both kittens, as of late yesterday afternoon, have lumps of blood in their poo :-(

It was not a good night.

Yesterday Romy and Hazel came to play and to meet the kittens, which was fun, although Emily's tummy ache was coming and going even then. As of this morning, Emily's temperature is down ever so slightly but she's still very poorly. Kittens are lively and happy, but I've got a vets appointment this morning to have it checked out. It sounds like some kind of worm problem, although I treated them for worms a couple of days ago. Just in case it's something more sinister, we don't want to wait until Monday to have them seen. Just like tiny babies, I guess, tiny kittens can go downhill very rapidly, so off to the vets we go, before settling in for a day of snuggles and telly with our small poorly person.


Jax said...

Hope daughter and kittens are all well by now. :)

Jules said...

Yep echoing Jax (seem to be following her around and copying comments today!) hoping you are all better now :-)

Nikki said...

Thank you for the thoughts - yes, all better now, thank goodness!