Friday, August 19, 2005

Kitty Chaos!

Well, our new arrivals have certainly turned life upside down, that's for sure. I've never seen such wonderful, irresistible time wasters! Getting things done has definitely taken a turn for the worst!

Yesterday morning when I looked at the weather forecast, the headline was "Last Heat of the Summer", and the month ahead forecast suggested that yesterday was our last chance for sunshine before Autumn sets in. Now, I'm a big fan of Autumn, it's probably my favourite season - but we couldn't miss the last chance for a paddling pool day now could we? So, Jon dropped everything to rush out and get the paddling pool set up and filling....only to come back in and discover he had to drop everything again for a trip to Casualty for his Dad, who reckoned he had something in his eye. Well, actually Grandad wanted to go to his GP, and elderly person type tantrums ensued when we pointed out that we already knew (due to other appointments this week) that two of the GPS were away, they were struggling with locums, and very unlikely to fit him in, and that casualty was a better bet. Still. GP was dutifully phoned. Told to go to casualty - where we could have gone half an hour earlier if it wasn't for the fuss. Never mind.

With Jon therefore looking likely to be out for several hours, Emily and I left my Mum and Dad kitten sitting while we went out to make the most of this last minute heatwave. Hmmmppph. Wasn't all that warm at all, actually. Emily, though, has the hide of a rhinoceros when it comes to water, so she didn't feel the chill and spent a merry afternoon getting exceptionally wet, followed by well over an hour lying on her trampoline with her legs in the pool reading the latest DK Find Out magazine from cover to cover and doing all the puzzles. Whilst I kept falling asleep, until Jon came back. There was nothing wrong with Grandad's eye.

Rest of the day was spent cooing over our Romeo & Juliet, who are becoming more adorable every day. Panicky few minutes yesterday afternoon when we'd left them sleeping, only to come back 20 minutes later to find Romeo missing. Eventually we found him asleep behind the settee - it's the tiniest of spaces, he barely fits in it. Tried blocking up his access to it, for our own peace of mind...only to find him there again this morning. He's a Houdini, that one. When I found him this morning, he looked up at me with the biggest purr yet! Problem is we have to pull the whole corner of the room apart to get him out. Grrr. Their separate personalities are starting to emerge, and they're starting to nuzzle and be very affectionate too. Emily's in sole charge of feeding them, which she enjoys, and the kitten diary is going well. Now, if only we could walk past a room, headed somewhere, and actually make it to the destination without half an hour of kitten cooing inbetween.....then we might be back on track, business wise!

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Kris said...

But how can you possibly ignore that gorgeous little kitten purr? It's just impossible. They look so adorable. :)