Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome Home Kittens!

Delighted to announce two new family members: 6 week old tabby kittens Romeo & Juliet!

We drove all the way to East Hull this morning to collect these two, and fell instantly in love :-)))

Needless to say, our day has been somewhat kitten dominated. Emily's thrilled to bits. Romeo & Juliet were a little shy for the first few hours, but have settled nicely now, eaten loads, used their litter tray and started to take an interest in their toys. They've "met" Merlin, who was on Emily's bed when she was showing them round upstairs (their territory will be upstairs for the moment, whereas the big cats live mostly downstairs). Much interested staring to and from kittens and Merlin, before he legged it!

Some pictures: Romeo (left) and Juliet falling asleep on the settee.

Emily dishing out cuddles:

Getting to know Juliet:

Romeo making himself at home in the cushions:

Sorry if the photos are blurry; it's not easy capturing an excited child and active kittens at the same time!

Had a fab day yesterday; went to Julian's Bower turf maze with Romy and Hazel. Beautiful views, and so peaceful. The girls played for hours! We went to Normanby Hall afterwards for a bit, and they enjoyed playing in the branches of the old "tree that sat down" and collecting bits and bobs of nature. Hazel and Romy have some photos on their blog of our afternoon :)

Off to kitten watch now.


Jules said...

oh! Cuter than cute!!

Em said...

ooooooooooooooo cute!!! meow!! =^^=

Sarah said...

gorgeous kittens - am very jealous!