Thursday, August 25, 2005

Suncatchers & Rainstorms

Well, it's certainly rained this last few days!

On Tuesday Emily and Daddy went out shopping on a present hunt - it's my birthday on Saturday :-)) so I hardly saw them, and yesterday they were out all day again, moseying around the Hemswell Antiques Centre, having lunch there and searching for cat related antiques and second hand books. They came back with a good haul and big grins, so I reckon a good time was had.

Meanwhile at home I was desperately trying to ignore the increasing manic behaviour of two small furry things, and attempting to get on with some work. Slightly easier said than done. Our brand new HP printer (arrived a week ago, but yesterday was the first chance to get it out of its packaging....such is life in this household) turned out to have a broken lid catch. This helpfully meant the printer thought its lid was open all the time, so it refused to go any further than turning on and flashing its lights moodily. Hrrrrmppph. I was less than impressed, having spent ages clearing space for it and faffing about with its cartridges and printheads. Still, it's gone back, replacement has arrived, perhaps we'll manage to get that one out of the box sometime before the end of September!

Romeo and Juliet seem to have grown enormously over the last couple of days. They've certainly increased in strength and agility. It's very noticeable that things they couldn't do a week ago when they arrived they suddenly can now - with frightening ease. They worked out how to jump up to the windowsill in the sitting room yesterday....they've climbed the curtains...they can get past our very best attempts at blocking off the most awkward places in the house...and I swear they move faster than motorbikes at top speed. They're also very vocal and let you know in no uncertain terms when they want attention. Oh yes, and they have a passion for playing underneath the desk swivel chair, whilst someone's sat on it trying to work. We're frightened to move now without checking underneath, lol, and we've all taken to walking around with strange shuffling movements so as to avoid squashing a small and indignant creature that's trying to chase your feet. This was Romeo this morning, obligingly looking cute in the mirror for me to take the photo:

This morning Emily and I went to the museum to look around their WW2 exhibtion, and to make some butterfly windchimes and a tissue paper stained glass window shape. By an odd coincidence we were also making stained glass window shapes (but with those coloured transparent sweet wrappers instead of tissue paper) at home a year ago today, or so it says in our home ed diary which I found this afternoon (it's been missing in action since April, lol). Here are the results of Emily's museum visit:

The WW2 exhibition was very interesting. Emily liked looking at the children's gas masks and the anderson shelter. She's seen photos of my Mum as a schoolgirl carrying her gas mask, and has been intruiged by them. And we have an old anderson shelter in our back garden, albeit now filled in and planted over. All three of Emily's surviving grandparents have memories of WW2: my Mum was a schoolgirl in London and stayed there throughout, as her parents opted not to evacuate her - her father was in charge of finding shelter and provisions for people who had been bombed out of their homes and she remembers many of them temporarily staying at their home, as well as the nightly air raids, seeing the ruins, being carried on a soldier's shoulders outside Buckingham Palace on VE day, and lots of other stuff too; my Dad was a schoolboy in Yorkshire, and Jon's Dad, slightly older, was working on a farm in the rural south, so they all have very different sides of the story to tell.

On the way back from the museum we stopped to pick up more cat litter (I've never known cats go to the loo so much!!!) and oohed and aahhed over some very posh cat play centres. The one we really, really liked was £99.99 (!) though, and we'd probably have needed an extension to put it in, so there it stayed. Shame - it was rather impressive.

It's my Dad's birthday today, so before we went out to the museum Emily spent ages making a card for him with a quilled dragonfly on it. She adores quilling, and she's got really quite talented at it, in my not so humble opinion! We use this Klutz book for ideas and inspiration. The dragonfly on the card she made is similar to the one on the cover of the book. Gramps was very chuffed, and we've just come back from having a pressie opening and chocolate cake session. Yum!

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