Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beaming From Ear to Ear

This evening Emily mastered her beam, well and truly. My Dad made it for her about a year ago, about adult hip height, but until today she's never wanted to go on it without holding onto someone's hands. This evening though, she was off! Not only walking across unaided but doing half and full turns, that fancy toe-dipping beam walk (no idea what that's called, but I remember being taught it as a child doing gymnastics!), posh star jump dismounts and gymnast style mount from sitting astride it. She was very chuffed with herself, and rightly so I reckon! Emily's not the most physically confident of children, but she's getting more and more confident as time passes, now she's away from the dreaded ritual humiliation known as school PE lessons.

Earlier on today Romy and Hazel came to play, and the girls had fun concocting play food for us "posh ladies". I have no idea what went in it, but it seemed to have been an appetising and somewhat mischevious mixture of toothpaste, handwash, shredded newspaper, loo roll and bucketloads of water. Having misheard my instructions to not put the resulting gooey stuff down the loo.....down the loo it went. Fortunately, Daddy was on hand to save us from flooding and overflow!

Hazel did some Reiki on my back, and it really does feel a lot more settled now. Jon fell asleep on the Reiki table as usual!

On the kitten front there is good news. Possibly. The local RSPCA apparently do have some kittens, but they're not ready to leave yet. I have to phone back at the end of the week. Which of course I shall. And I shall be muttering blue murder if someone's turned up in person and adopted all the little cuties before then, too.

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