Friday, September 02, 2005

Fun In A Field!

Well, the fieldwalking seems to have been an enormous success! Emily loved it, and was bubbling over with things to tell me. Evidently they found flints, medieval pottery, musket balls and all kinds of things. She can't wait to go again. Daddy quite enjoyed himself too, so I gather :-)

Later on yesterday evening, Emily set up a museum using lots of her ornaments and fossils and bits and pieces. She had them all arranged on cushions of rolled up loo paper and in display boxes, and had written little labels to go with each one. She'd even organised it into themes. There was a lovely workshop on at the museum over the summer where a small group of children worked with one of the museum curators to create an actual display - but it was for age 9+ only, apparently. She would have loved that. Their young archaeology club is also for that age group only. Seems a bit unfair, really. Oh well.

Here are a couple of pictures that Colin took of Emily and Romy doing their bit for local archaeological knowledge :-)

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