Sunday, September 18, 2005

Invasion of the Giant Kitties

No, not the title of an old, corny horror movie, but it was rather comical this morning when Emily wanted to play with her barbie house only to find some giant kitties in residence instead, rofl!
Move over barbie, you have been evicted!

Meanwhile, I have finally finished one set of deadlines this weekend, and am getting nowhere with the other set....Jon is knackered after only a few hours sleep and feeling poorly to boot....and Emily has negotiated terms with the giant kitties and she's playing in her room with them - she gets to play with the barbie house provided, so it seems, that they get to approve the furniture layout.

We're all quite excited at the moment as my Mum and Dad have returned from holiday with the news that they've bought a caravan on a lovely site on the beach at St Bee's in Cumbria, which we're free to use at any time. Now all we need to do is carve out a gap in our increasingly hectic work schedule so we can visit it before the end of the season in mid November.

Now, stop faffing about on the blog and get some work done, woman!

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