Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Whole Three Inches Overnight??

So there we are, winging our way out, late, to ballet, when I suddenly notice that Emily's trousers are approx 3 inches too short. I swear on all sorts of worthy things that when she last wore them about a day and half ago, they were fine :-/ Apparently, the small person is growing rapidly. Or I somehow shrunk them. Take your pick of the most likely explanation. The good thing is that these trousers had to be shortened back in May, so I only have to let them down again.

Ballet was a bit of a pain today. Far from the 12 kids and civilised, grown up stuff they had last week, this week there were over 30 children and it was absolute chaos. The teacher couldn't control them at all, half of them didn't really want to be there and just messed around, and you couldn't hear yourself think. Considering every time they changed exercise she had to spend ten minutes getting them into lines and organised and standing still and listening, I'm not convinced that this lesson is money well spent. Hrrrrrmmmph. It's so annoying. Why oh why do parents take kids to "lessons" that the kids clearly aren't interested in??? It's not fair on the kids who don't want to be there, and it's certainly not fair on the kids who DO want to be there. I can't stand this mindset that kids have to be ferried about to umpteen clubs/activities/groups just so the parents can go on about how much stuff their (exhausted, bored and stressed out) little one is doing. It's one thing if the child loves it, but quite plainly many of them don't.

Anyway. Rant aside, we had a good day yesterday. Emily wrote a story about a kitten's first time out in the garden, and I was very pleased with the interesting vocabulary and lively sentence structure she used. In the afternoon, she tried making a mosaic from scratch - she used an empty strawberry carton, drew round it, worked out a design (cat, obviously) to go in it, rolled out some air drying clay, painted portions of it in her chosen colours, cut it all up into interesting random mosaic tiles, filled the carton with plaster of paris and set her tiles into it. The end result is pretty impressive, so that's probably something we'll do more of as and when the mood strikes.

The rest of the day was spent fussing over kittens and manically tidying up; Emily was incredibly helpful with changing beds, sorting washing, tidying, cleaning and all that malarky. So - we'll tick citizenship for that one, then.

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