Friday, September 30, 2005

Want To Be Well Again!

We all do! Much poorliness continues in this happy household, with Jon's and mine seemingly getting worse as we go on. Fortunately, Emily's is getting a bit better, she seems to have come off more lightly this time than us poor grown ups.

She's been a grown up little star all day long, I must say. Sat quietly doing some maths on the floor this morning, and when I fell asleep next to her she got up, went to fetch an unzipped sleeping bag, tucked me up under it, got in too, snuggled down and carried on with her maths. Little sweetheart.

This afternoon we went to soft play with Romy and Hazel; hopefully I didn't breathe too much lurgy over them, although they may well be cursing me by Monday! We also popped in to the garden centre next door hoping to have a look at their enormous Christmas grotto display, but it wasn't quite ready. Wandered round the rest of it instead mentally thinking "I want one of those" to just about everything and fending off similar thoughts from small people.

We're barely coping illness-wise this evening (hardly ever are both me and Jon bad a the same time) but bless her, Emily decided to help with the packing. She's been wanting to help for ages, and this evening she successfully and independently packaged up three sets of Jewel Fairies books with accompanying freebie bits, ready to go off to the US, and a big assortment of other ebay items too. Hmmmmm. I could get used to this. :-))

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Hazel said...

Child labour, lol. That'll get the LEA talking ;o)))

Had a great time this afternoon.