Sunday, September 25, 2005

Near Miss with the Aloe Vera

OK, so yesterday Juliet discovered how to climb up onto Emily's bed. They hadn't been able to manage it before as the three steps are a vertical ladder and they couldn't get from one to the next without falling off. Clever kitty worked out to jump to the first, then get off it onto the top of a toy box behind it, turn round, jump from *there* to the second step, turn round precariously, dig claws manically into mattress and heave self up. So far, so good. To get down, she jumps onto the windowsill, and then down from there (windowsill is too high for her to jump UP to). Only...on the windowsill are two aloe vera plants. Or I should say, *were* two aloe vera plants. Until this morning when we found her happily eating one of them. A bell in the back of my mind went off and I rushed to find this list of plants which are poisonous to cats. Yep. Aloe vera is apparently one of them.

Sigh. Removed kitten from plant at lightning speed. Removed plants from windowsill. Have had kitten under strict observation all day, but apart from tearing around even more madly as if she's on some class A substance or other, she seems fine. Flippin' kittens. If they're not chewing your stock they're doing forward rolls down the stairs. If they're not demanding your dinner they're hiding until you go into 'oh hell the kitten's got out' mode and then sauntering up as if to ask what all the fuss is about. If they're not trampling over your keyboard they're eating poisonous house plants. God knows what the neighbourhood cats are going to make of these two bundles of trouble.

Anyway. Kitten traumas apart, it's been a busy weekend. Emily's been drawing and laminating cut out dolls and then designing costumes for them. We have a new graphics tablet, so she's spent hours on Dazzle using that. Jon's been very busy with orders, and has a yukky cold and high temperature. And I've been frantically listing stuff on ebay, lots of pagan jewellery and greetings cards, spell kits etc, and some of Emily's old bits and bobs on our personal account. Only thing is, I could do nothing but list on ebay for the next six months (bye bye education) and we still wouldn't be able to move without treading on something!!!

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