Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Behind Schedule

Hmmm, things are not going according to my carefully laid plan this week. Not good.

We're sadly lacking in the education department: Emily's done some work on speech marks, some more maths problems and some more handwriting and, er, that's about it. She's done lots of reading (nearly finished Chamber of Secrets now), lots of playing Pharaoh and lots of drawing, but we're struggling to get back into the swing of all the hedufacational things we had planned. Sigh. After the holiday.

The new shop was supposed to go live today. It hasn't, naturally. Due to circumstances beyond our control there has been, ladies and gentlemen, a "slight delay". Not a happy bunny over that one.

Jon went off to the doctor's yesterday morning. They think he has glandular fever....although the test for glandular fever, apparently, said he didn't have, but they think he has anyway. For the moment. Although they want him back in a fortnight's time for more tests. He also has a fungal throat infection - hence the loss of voice - and is being taken off metformin for the diabetes and put onto something else, the name of which escapes me, but it's metformin mixed with "something". He still feels absolutely lousy :-( Hopefully the holiday will refresh his spirits.

Yesterday afternoon, Emily and I went out shopping. Bought two sun loungers for the garden from Homebase, cat litter (yet again) and then ventured into the town centre as we couldn't find what we were looking for anywhere else. Didn't find it in the town centre either, mind you, but we did at least find some beach shoes (is that what they're called? slip on polyester type ones with strong soles) which we'd been trying to find for ages. Then it was off to yoga. Emily got her certificate for level one and handed over her mandala for a display on the wall.

This morning we had an urgent appointment at the vets for Juliet - she'd had a swelling on her chin/lower lip area for a couple of days, but yesterday it seemed to be much bigger. Poor little thing trembled so hard in the waiting room that she made her carrier shake! Romeo was bereft without her and apparently yowled and prowled all the time she was gone, bless him. Vet thinks it was a bee sting and that she'd had an allergic reaction to it. Good job it was only there rather than actually in her mouth. Both kittens have been going potty chasing bumble bees and wasps this last ten days or so......kinda saw this one coming, I suppose. Anyway, Ju-Ju had a steroid injection and some painkillers and we have to take her back if it hasn't subsided within a week. Back at home, she was straight out into the garden and has spent the rest of the day.....chasing bumble bees. *rolls eyes*

The good news about Ju-Ju though is that her heart murmur has been downgraded to a level 1 and is now apparently barely audible. Looks like she may be growing out of it after all :-))

This afternoon Emily went to Romy's house for a play, while Jon and I got on with some more work. Jon's making fabulous progress with ebay stuff, but I haven't yet achieved half the things I need to have sorted out before going away. And it's Thursday tomorrow. Eeek.

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