Friday, May 05, 2006

Swifts & Sun Tans

Felt like mid summer today - did I blink and miss spring?

The least said about Thursday the better, although Emily did have a great time at drama. As for the rest of the day - well, it wasn't one of my finer parenting hours. One the plus side, Emily did get an awful lot of reading done.

Moving rapidly on, we've made up for yesterday's traumas today with a really pleasant Friday. Glorious sunshine, of course. Yesterday was warm-ish but today was a scorcher. I'm not a sunshine person, but even I have managed to spend nearly the whole day outside. First thing this morning, Emily and I stretched out on our new loungers and worked on some telling the time stuff. Think she has a bit of a mental block about that one!

Emily then popped into town with Nana and Gramps to get some more shoes (since half the ones we bought earlier in the week didn't actually fit.....she's a size 13, 1 or 2 depending which shop you buy from.......) and came back laden. While she was out, the wardrobe fairy (well, chest of drawers fairy in our case) visited and swapped her winter clothes over to summer ones - we don't have enough space to have the clothes out all at once. She was very pleased when she got back to find that her summer dresses and shorts had miraculously re-appeared, lol.

This afternoon we were back out in the garden again, this time for some English, Harry Potter style. Emily answered some comprehension questions about chapeters 3 and 4 of HP & Stone, and then set about writing her own version of the letter Harry receives to tell him he has a place at Hogwart's. That was followed by an HP wordsearch and much chuntering and pretending. I got to sit back, relax and rejoice that the swifts have finally arrived. Think we must be weeks later than the rest of the country, judging by the springwatch website, but today's the first time I'd seen any this year. Spectacular aerobatics; enjoyed that.

We had to use sun tan lotion for the first time this year - good job I got Emily covered in it as I wasn't wearning any and now have a burnt neck for my sins.

After Harry Potter-ing, we made a brief return indoors to finish off some birthday things for a certain special someone who has a birthday coming up, then hot footed it back out again for me to have yet more chill out time while Emily created castles and palaces in her sandpit.

The new shop is finally making progress - better late then never - and Jon's blood sugar has gone back to single digits for the first time in several weeks, so things are looking up. Next Tuesday still can't come a minute too soon though!

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Elder Faery said...

We all have days as parents we'd rather forget. Forgiving ourselves is vital...otherwise we can't move on. Am amazed at how warm it sounds where you we had the first seriously warmish day and I'm still in a jumper!!!