Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy Day

Emily's been on the go all day today. We got up late, which didn't help the manic rushing-about-ness of the day in general. She and Jon went off to tai chi first thing and had an interesting chat with someone who wants to set up a history club at the community centre and another set of art classes with a different teacher.

While Emily was out, I "recycled" her stuff - by which I mean moving all the Barbie stuff out of her room (with her consent, I hasten to add) so that there was room for the dollshouse and all of her lego and Ello in her room instead. It's such a tiny bedroom that not all her bits and bobs fit in there - most of it has to live in what we laughably call the playroom, which is a room at the top of the stairs usually filled to the brim with stock boxes. So stuff in the playroom is hardly ever played with. Hence the recycling. She's very pleased with it now as she hasn't had much of a chance to play with the dolls house since Christmas (when she had a load of new bits for it) and both the Ello and the Belleville lego have been gathering dust for yonks. Brought all the Harry Potter lego up from downstairs too, so that's a hit.

When Emily got back in from tai chi we threw lunch at her before dashing off to pick up Romy for a play. Back here the girls had fun with a picnic in the garden followed by some very complicated pretend game that somehow mixed a queen with Harry Potter and various other entities too.
Next it was off to drama, although I managed to drastically miscalcuate the driving time from here back to Romy's and then on to drama so we were a bit late dropping Romy back home and rather late to drama too. Teacher didn't seem to mind, though and Emily had a good time practising the play. Scripts are apparently being sent out in the post next week.

It's Nana's birthday on Saturday and we still haven't made any of the things we were going to make..........guess tomorrow's going to be a very arty crafty day!

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