Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hectic Weekend

Can't believe it's Sunday evening already.

Well now, what happened this weekend? Saturday morning Emily and I dashed off to ballet. Told her teacher we'd be away next Saturday and she surprised me (she's not normally very communicative) by saying some lovely things about Emily - about how hard she works and how quickly she picks up the choreography, and how I was to tell her not to panic when she comes back the following Saturday because although she will have missed most of the choreography for their second show dance, the teacher knows she'll be able to work it out immediately and she just needs to have the confidence to get stuck in instead of worrying about doing it wrong.

Rushed back home to get Emily a quick bite of lunch and a costume change ready for Romy's Wizard of Oz 7th birthday party. Here's Emily as the Wicked Witch of the West:
She had a wonderful time at the party and came home with a fab party bag, full of excitement to tell me all about it.

While Jon and Emily were out at the party, I set to work on the first of my four writing deadlines for the weekend. As I write, at 6pm on Sunday, I've finally finished three out of the four; the final one isn't going to get done until tomorrow now as I'm just all out of time and there are mountains of sales waiting to be packed tonight.

This morning we were all up at 7am so Jon and Emily could go to the big car boot sale at Hemswell. It was *pouring* with rain, but they didn't seem to mind, lol. They came back at lunchtime with various bits and bobs, some more china cats for Emily, a new bandana for Emily, some pens for Emily (are you spotting a theme here yet?) and some stamps for Emily.

Ah yes, stamps: forgot to mention that Emily's new hobby is stamp collecting. Jon had a big stamp collection as a child and although all of his completed albums seem to have vanished, he did have a huge great bag of spares that he's passed onto Emily. She spent nearly two hours this afternoon carefully going through them and sorting them into categories and piles.
Because of his Mum's links with India there are a *load* of old Indian stamps there as well as tons of pre-decimalisation English ones, some Australian and some Canadian. This afternoon, Emily bid on and won 100 Italian stamps on ebay (75p! Love this new's cheap!) and she's also waiting for a Stanley Morgan Stamp Collecting Starter Kit to arrive which will have a big album and 500 assorted stamps. She's full of ideas on different categories of stamps she wants to collect and is very excited about it!

As well as writing to deadlines, I've spent most of today in a very long and very frustrating email dance with our website bod. But, I have good news. At the end of all that, may I present, ladies and gentlemen

Yep, it's up and it's running. It's still only about a quarter populated, and the switch card detail capture isn't working properly and nor are the gift vouchers, but hey, it's there, which is more than I'd realistically hoped for this weekend. In between getting it live we somehow managed to lose the whole of the original astrology site.......which gave me a few tense hours.....but even that is now back and live and kicking, and champing at the bit for its turn at a major revamp.

So. Progress is being made all round. And it's nearly Holiday Tuesday!

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