Monday, May 29, 2006

Pursuits That Aren't Trivial

Played a lovely long game of Trivial Pursuit with Emily and Jon this afternoon. Took hours, but Emily won in the end - needless to say she was exceedingly chuffed about that, lol.

Other than that little interlude, Emily's had a very busy work day. Bank Holidays? Don't do 'em. I guess since we're both normally at home all day long anyway, the only thing that's different about bank holidays in this house is that Jon doesn't have to go to the post office. Other than that, it's business as usual!

First thing this morning Emily spent an hour working on Black Cat Logo which is computer logo language software we got in a special offer a while back. Hadn't loaded it before this morning, but it seemed to go down quite well. If nothing else, it was good practice on angles and the like as Emily had to work out how many degrees she wanted the turtle to turn.

After that there was lots of yoga practice ready for tomorrow's lesson which may (or may not) include Emily's next test - we're not quite sure about that. Practice was interrupted by much squawking - Romeo had brought in a baby blackbird (well, a fledgeling) and taken it upstairs to show off to his Daddy.....and promptly let it go in our sitting room. It didn't seem to be injured but it was apparently a hell of a job to coax it back out through the window as Romeo and Merlin "helped"!!!

This afternoon Emily wanted to work on poetry, so we started to look at haiku. She took to that like a duck to water and wrote five gorgeous little haikus entitled "The Waterfall", "Autumn", "A Cat's Life", "The Arrival of Spring" and "Winter". She would have written more had we not run out of time, lol. Whilst working on the haiku she kept coming up with lines that didn't quite fit the format but were great nonetheless, so she's started to keep a poetry notebook now to jot down random lines ready to use in a poem when she gets round to it.

We also worked on "time" a little more, revising the "Bingo" moment last week when it all suddenly clicked. I was pleased to see that she still knows what she's doing with digital and analogue conversions.....sometimes it's in one ear and out of the other, but that does seem to have stuck now. Finally, Emily found a competition to design a Winx Club outfit so she spent some time designing an outfit for Bloom, ready to send off tomorrow just in time to meet the closing date.

Things are jogging along really rather nicely indeed. Or is it tempting fate to say so?

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