Thursday, July 13, 2006

Drama Queen

Emily's drama show was this afternoon so Jon and I went along to watch as proud parents :-)) She was playing Freddie the Chickenhearted Fox in the play of the same name and she was soooo confident! Here are a couple of pictures; Freddie begging for some food from the farmer and Freddie having tripped over a sleeping farmworker ;-)

After the show the teacher came over and complimented Emily in front of everyone about her loud clear voice, not needing any prompting with any of her lines and her lovely smile throughout :-) As we were leaving I had to check the time of next week's party with her and she again brought up how much Emily's grown in confidence this last few weeks.

She really has; I'm not sure what it's down to, although I think the ballet show helped a lot. When I asked Emily earlier if she was nervous about the play she said that she wasn't the slightest bit nervous because after performing in front of 350 people she could do anything and this would be easy peasy ;-)

Yesterday we went off to the optician's first thing. They'd phoned when we were out on Tuesday afternoon to check whether we were still coming, so I was half expecting to turn up and find a truancy officer waiting for us,lol, but in the event I have to say it went very smoothly and they were all very nice to Emily and indeed to me. The optician put Emily's prescription up a notch so she chose some lovely new silver frames that we've got to pick up next week. With her glasses on and using both eyes she apparently now has well above average vision, so we're getting somewhere. Popped into the main library while we were there and chose far too many books. Sigh. We avoid going into town whenever possible so we've only got a week to read these in becuase they have to go back next week when we pick up her glasses, or else! With the village library just a stroll away that's much more convenient but unfortunately it and Scunthopre main library are in different local authorities so we can't mix and match, lol.


4 girls and 3 boys said...

Well done Emily.

Anonymous said...

aw i wanna watch the show.
isnt it fab when their confidence starts to grow :)

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Lovely photos, as always Nikki. You must be very proud - well done to Emily. What's next then, after the dancing and now the drama? Brings back so many happy memories of my dancing school shows etc. as a child. Elle at EFT