Thursday, July 20, 2006

Looking Forward to a Peaceful Week

As of now we don't have to go anywhere for a whole week. Well, apart from tai chi for Jon and Emily and that's within walking distance. We seem to have been running around like mad this last couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting up each morning not having to remember that we're going out later.

Emily went to her last drama lesson of term today and it was bring a friend day, so we took Romy along too. They had a party theme with some games and stuff, and they got to pretend to be cats.....which they do a lot of anyway, so no change there then!

Earlier this morning Jon and Emily went off to tai chi and I stayed here to do some work (or would have done but got distracted by ebay kicking me off to a sign in page every three minutes - very helpful). Their teacher George has asked if Emily would like to take up karate - he teaches on Sundays in Morton. She's not *that* enthusiastic about the prospect as she has in her head that she doesn't like martial arts, but she does like George so she's going to give it a go, starting in September.

Meanwhile, other bits and pieces....Jon's sent off his first batch of artwork for his course....which reminded me and Emily that she hasn't started the next section of hers yet.....I didn't go swimming this morning because I discovered my costume doesn't fit (sigh - you have to laugh. Trust me. Will start next week when new cozzie arrives) lots of information about various sporting days etc during the summer holidays that Emily's interested in booking into......practised Emily's yoga vinyassa with her.....Emily took great delight in teaching me how to do some of the more complicated poses......she also tried teaching me the first few steps in the first tai chi form they learnt but I got hopelessly confused......Emily's played on HP & Philosopher's Stone software quite a bit........just remembered the "don't have to go anywhere" thing next week doesn't include that Grandad wants a doctor's's been hot, humid and horribly sticky.

And that's about it. No "work" so to speak of today but Emily's desperate to do lots next week apparently. She doesn't want a summer holiday ;-)


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

You are so lucky Emily wants to do lots of things. My two are hoping for a 6 week break, but I don't want them on the PC all day, every day. Elle at EFT

maidmarrion said...

For information about children's activities at Richmond Park, Gainsborough, go to
It is very new, so currently is asking for information, but i hope to update it soon with information about Lark in the Park on 30 July 2006 from 1 - 5 p.m. Lots of activities for children so come along and enjoy. Theme is 'Highland Fling'as the play, by Illiria theatre company in the evening will be Macbeth.

Nikki said...

Emily does play on the PC a lot, Elle, so I know what you mean! We're just fortunate at the moment that she's got lots of ideas for "work" she wants to get on with!!

Thank you for the pointer, Maid Marion! Do you home educate? If not I'm just curious as to how you found us?