Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Longing for a break in this weather. Did I mention any time that I don't do summer? Oh well, thunderstorms are still forecast but everywhere in the UK seems to be having them apart from us. *Sulk*

Yesterday morning Emily and I drove all the way to this PYO Fruit place as there isn't really anywhere else locally. Despite advertising being open from was deserted and most definitely shut. So that was an hour and three quarters in a steaming hot car for nowt. Loved it. Not.

In the afternoon Romy came over for a play and the girls spent a long time playing out in the paddling pool (of course) and selling various family members freshly picked peas and carrots. Emily and I then headed off for yoga.

Today we've been outside *all day* yet again....those who know just how much I love gardens, ants, bugs and being sweaty and sticky will understand why my stress levels are reaching epic proportions, lol. This morning we did some half hearted English and maths at the garden table and in the pool but were mostly entertained by looking at just about everything through magnifying glasses, me trying to catch a photo of Emily mid jump (failed) and watching Juliet display a hitherto hidden talent for tree climbing.

This afternoon, apart from a brief half an hour on the PC trying out her editing skills (jazzing up a document for me) it was yet more garden malarky with lots of very wet gymnastics and some soil experiments.

We are now indoors and I'm not going back out again until it's cooler and less insecty. Ever.

Yesterday Emily's first batch of artwork came back marked from her tutor. She did fantastically well and the tutor's letter to her was really lovely, full of tons of encouragement, constructive advice and ego boosts, lol. The next section of the course is about perspective so we'll get stuck into that soon.

I'll hardly see Emily tomorrow as she's out at tai chi with Jon in the morning, then they're off together for Emily's dentist appointment, then it's dress rehearsal for the drama show. Yay - means I get to stay indoors. Hurray! And do some work. Slightly less hurray!


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

We've spent lots of time outdoors too, just can't help it in this weather, but it's been really humid today. Love the photo of the daring tree climber.

If you have a mo, perhaps you could let me have details of the art course Emily's doing. My K is a budding artist too and would be interested in doing something more challenging.

By the way, I've tagged you, hope you haven't been tagged already! EFT

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Thanks for your kind words about Allie. He's home now and doing well but he'll be a bit wobbly on his legs for about a month, poor chap.

Thanks too for the link - we'll certainly look into this. EFT

Anonymous said...

well done on the artwork!