Monday, July 31, 2006

Swimming Success

Went swimming with Emily at Gainsborough first thing this morning. After perfecting her back float in the paddling pool over the weekend she was raring to go. This morning she did fantastically well and was able to swim half a width on her own :-)) Mind you, I have to be standing at the wall in front of her so she can "aim" for me - she won't take her feet off the floor at all if I'm not there - but that's half a width more than she was managing on her own last time we went so we're very chuffed! She also swam two lengths non stop with her float and generally had a ball messing around. It was lovely and quiet for the first 3/4 hour before the world and his wife decided to arrive....

Had a lovely weekend; we had a big family barbeque on Saturday evening, despite the rain showers (obviously, after praying for rain for weeks, it HAS to rain during the tiny couple of hours I wanted it to stay dry).

This morning Jon went of to Scunthorpe FC to get his and Emily's club membership which means Emily goes free to any of the matches; she's very keen, lol! While he was there, Jon signed Emily up to some training with their junior coach every Friday for the rest of the summer. If she likes it, she can then carry on going on a Monday evening in September.

While I was out ferrying Grandad around to sort out yet another prescription saga Emily did some fab work on adaptable animals this afternoon, working out why camels are so suited to their desert life and so on. When I got back we had a go at some algebra.....blimey, that sounds very grown up....very simple stuff like if there are n chocolates with toffee centres in a box of 12, write a formula to work out how many there are without toffee centres. We also tried some simple equations of the 5a +12 = 37 variety and Emily seemed to understand the concept of re-writing it to have letters on one side and numbers on the others, making it a= 37-12/5 (or whatever....may have to brush up on algebra myself there!). According to Emily, this was "quite fun" but she did wonder what the POINT of it was. Errrm. Yes. I'll get back to you on that.

Yesterday morning Emily went off with my Mum and Dad to a big Maplins store in Doncaster. They were supposed to be buying a carbon monoxide detector for the caravan but *even better than that*....they came back with lots of science kits including a lovely Oxford University Weather Kit. We're now stuck deciding whether to "do" Romans or weather as Emily's next project - she can't choose, lol.

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