Friday, July 07, 2006

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Well, erm, there's not much to say about the contents of any of these things, but here we go anyway:

5 Things in my fridge

Bottles of wine
Blueberries that really need something "doing" with them
Some camembert that has lost its sell by date label but is, shall we say, mature
Some wine
Did I mention the wine?

5 Things in my wardrobe

Clothes that are too small
A musty old box of miscellaneous shoes that have long since lost their soulmates
A rolled up duvet
Far too many coathangers (I'm with Hazel on the alien life form theory there)
A kite

5 Things in my handbag

Erm, I don't have one any more. Used to. Now I just make do with a wallet/car keys. Refuse to carry "stuff" around with me any more. But I'm sure there used to be really interesting stuff in there like hair bobbles, old till receipts and the odd sweetie. Now it's all in my pockets instead so I guess I haven't really gained much there....

5 Things in my car

Parking ticket from Emily's final dance performance last weekend
A lonely pound coin for the Asda trolleys
Emily's pull down drawing centre thingy
Bottles of water
Various books

5 People I'd Like To Do This Too

I think I'm the last person in the known universe to have done this, but, well, anyone who hasn't.

See? It's exciting round here.

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