Friday, August 04, 2006

Football & A Forge

Emily's had a great time this last couple of days, with lots of exciting events. On Wednesday we went with Hazel and Romy to Anwick Forge for a blacksmith demonstration. The blacksmith showed the children from scratch how he made a beautiful rams head poker with lots of detail on it, then they (eventually! they were very patient!) all got to have a go at hammering something. Emily's very proud of the pointy bit she got to bring home with her, lol.

Can't believe it but blogger's refusing to post pics AGAIN. Every flippin time I log on I'm having this problem now. Will have to post pictures above here with HEllo again. Elle, if you're reading, you can download it free here and I think it has a step by step "how to work with blogger" bit.

Yesterday was tai chi in the morning, and then in the afternoon Emily worked very hard on the next bit of her art course; she had to draw her name in proper 3D perspective, which was an awful lot harder than it sounded and even got me confused! She still hasn't coloured it, will post a picture of her efforts when it's done. She then had great fun emptying the pool and creating a waterfall down our steps!

Today Jon took Emily and Romy to a football training session at Scunthorpe United. Emily LOVED it and can't wait to go back next week. Romy seemed to have lots of fun too so hopefully they'll both be going again next Friday. At the end of the session they were put into teams and played a little mini world cup tournament. Emily was in Italy (because she was wearing an Italy shirt, perhaps?) and was very chuffed indeed to report that Italy won. She came home wearing a medal and a grin that could hardly fit through the door and spent the next few hours in the garden putting me through my paces, lol.

Got a leaflet through today about lots and lots of activities on in Gainsborough. Rather annoyingly, though, we can't make it to most of them and some of the ones I did want to book for were already booked up. Still have booked Emily onto an African Dance and Drumming workshop mid August, which should be fun!

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Thanks for the link, will give it a shot! My K would have loved the forge. She's big on horses and would like to see a blacksmith demonstrating his trade. A travelling blacksmith came to the riding stables once, but his van was so small you couldn't really get an idea of what was going on! You seem to have lots happening in your area, lucky you.

BTW, I'm always peeking at your blog and would like to add you to my list of links, is that OK? Elle