Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Doings

Emily had a strongly Footie Flavoured Friday & Saturday - on Friday she and Romy went to the training session at Scunthorpe United again and had a brilliant time. Emily got a session in goal which she'd been wanting to do. Bless her, she says it was much harder than she thought it would be but she's determined to keep at it. Jon was always in goal when he used to play so I can foresee lots of garden antics coming up.

Yesterday, Jon and Emily went to the fun day at the football club and to watch the home match against Crewe Alexandra. Emily had her face painted in the club colours and scored a goal during the pitch activities, encouraged by one of the coaches who recognised her from the Friday sessions. She loved it, again, and also loved the rare treat (well, never before in Emily's case!) of a KFC bargain bucket brought home for tea after the match.

Today Emily's been off to Hemswell Antiques Centre with my Mum and Dad to choose an antique ring for my birthday. It was all very hush hush but I gather she's thrilled with what she's chosen. Can't wait to see it!

Other happenings: last night was spent sat on the sitting room floor trying to fill in the dreaded tax returns. Oh, the fun. Thank Whoever it's only once a year. Still go the VAT to do though. This morning we had a torrential downpour which has resulted in lots of leaks right above our dining room window. We were just clearing that whole area ready to take Emily's computer desk downstairs (she does most of her work in the dining room now and it's time the PC joined her) - if we hadn't been there who knows what damage it might have done before being spotted. And what a good job it rained today BEFORE we put the PC right in the line of fire rather than afterwards! Mad rush to get lots of bowls :-( Don't know quite how that's going to get sorted out. Don't you just love "domestic incidents"??

I've lost another 3 pounds, which takes me to 13 pounds in total, just a pound short of my "lose a stone by my birthday" target with still 14 days in hand :-)) I'm very pleased with that. Might finally be getting somewhere in that department. Jon came back from the doctor's at the end of last week with a diagnosis of plantar fascilitis on his foot; we've got to get him for an Xray tomorrow to see how much damage there is and whether it's going to need treatment or not. At least he knows what's up now - at times he's been barely able to walk.

Work-wise things are absolutely manic. Jon and I are spending most of our waking minutes working like demons. We have an **extremely** large set of invoices to pay on the 31st August and a bit of a negative cash flow situation going on.......which is causing us some concern. It's all hands on deck for the next fortnight which means unfortunately I've had to cancel swimming, African dance and a cinema trip......but hey, we'll make up for it once this blip has passed. Oh the joys of self-employment!

Here's JuJu snuffling and suckling this morning....on Emily's back as she was playing cards, lol!


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Another 3lbs - fab, keep it up. Love the photo (as always!). Elle

Ruth said...

Well done on the weight loss.