Monday, August 07, 2006

A Round Up of Good News

Have just returned from the hospital with my Mum and Dad; Dad doesn't have prostrate cancer which is a massive relief :-)))) He does have a slight problem with his bladder not emptying properly, which is causing recurrent infections, but it's nothing serious. He's gone on a waiting list for a camera into the bladder type investigation but that'll be about another six months away.

In other good news stakes: I haven't actually lost any further weight this week, but I haven't gained any either and since my clothes are already feeling considerably looser, I'm a happy bunny. I knew the weight loss would slow down anyway - 10lbs in two weeks probably is a bit too much to keep going at that rate ;-) I'm confident that I'm on target for my initial goal which was to lose a stone before my birthday at the end of August.

And yet more good news of a personal nature: mother nature's decided I can go back to having a menstrual cycle after all, which is another big relief.

Even more good news, business wise; we've really got stuck in this weekend and have listed well over 150 new items on ebay.

I've got a little six month plan in my head which covers just about all areas of our lives and lifestyle....Emily's education, our business, our living arrangements/conditions, fertility, health, finances, holidays..... and am generally feeling very confident about it all. Which, prone to depression as I am, makes a bit of a change!!!


Hazel said...

Glad to hear about your Dad :o)

Elder Faery said...

Good news all round:)

Deb said...

Great news about your dad, and good that you're feeling cheerful too. I'll wish you a happy birthday now, since I'll never remember otherwise! :-)

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Excellent news all round. Keep staying cheerful! Elle