Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pleasant Days

Emily's been having a good week so far. Before I went out to the hospital on Monday afternoon I had "set" Emily a **LOT** of work, with English, Maths, Science and Art tasks to be completed. She settled down at the table downstairs, whilst listening to her Lemony Snicket CD, and made a start. I expected to come back and find her faffing about and playing with no work done - how wrong can you be! She'd done everything on the list - really, really thoroughly and well too - and said she'd really enjoyed being left to work like that and could we do it more often!! Bodes well for her self-motivation levels as she gets older and work gets more demanding, then!

On Tuesday morning we had a massive tidy up in her bedroom, pulled everything out to hoover, chucked out a big black bin bag full of stuff and reorganised things. Phew! It was hard work but Emily loves her new tidy's still tidy, too - but only because she hasn't been playing in it this last few days, lol.

Tuesday afternoon Romy came round to play and the girls spent nearly the whole time out in the garden mixing up various potions and concotions. On Tuesday evening, Jon took Emily to watch Scunthorpe v. Swansea - her first football match, which she was hugely excited about. Especially when they announced on the tannoy (twice!) her name and age and welcomed her to her first match ;-)) She LOVED watching the match and came home absolutely bouncing. They're going again on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday we had a rest with a full day at home. We spent ages on French in the morning, learning lots of words and phrases to do with "Ma Famille". Emily also did a lot of English work, in particular analysing an extract from Robin Hood and writing about the characterisation and setting. In the afternoon we did various little science experiments, including copper plating a nail and making a balloon helicpoter. Emily let that loose in the garden after a few goes was very windy and so much hilarity ensued when it got stuck on the roof of the garage........

Also yesterday, Emily had her haircut; it's back in a shoulder length bob now and she looks gorgeous.

This morning Emily and Jon went off to their last tai chi lesson for a few weeks and this afternoon Emily's done lots more work on her art course, including sketching a cereal box and all its accompanying detail in 3D. Work is absolutely manic leaving Jon and I with little time to draw breath, but all our plans are still heading in the right direction so life continues - amid lots of trampolining on the rebounder and various power cuts for no apparent reason - in a general air of otpimism :-)

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