Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sharing Interests

Emily's interest in football is still unabated, lol. She had a great time at football training in Friday and then on Saturday she and Jon went off to watch the match against Brentford. She can't wait to see the next cup game as Scunthorpe have been drawn at home against Aston Villa, so she's very excited about that! I think secretly Daddy's rather chuffed with Emily's new love. Undoubtedly he'd have preferred, in an ideal world, to be taking her to watch his beloved Reading FC - but that wasn't to be. At least she's enjoying watching Scunthorpe with him and is eagerly waiting to watch Reading on telly.

Meanwhile, I've developed quite an interest in Emily's other great love, namely a certain Mr Potter & Co. Having spent months and months and months being called on for deeply inventive pretends in the world of Hogwarts, I thought it was about time I actually read about the people I'm constantly pretending to be. So I started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Emily since she's read Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Azkaban herself and is starting Goblet of Fire. Well, I've got to admit, I'm hooked. I've read her over 150 pages of it in the last two days, which is saying something considering I don't normally like reading aloud all that much (Jon's always been the master storyteller in this household). I'm really, really enjoying it, which has surprised me. I want us to be up to date with the books by the time the final Book 7 is published next summer and by the time the Phoenix film comes out, which I believe is around the same time. Good job we're getting on with it then, given the 700 odd pages in Phoenix and 600 in Half Blood Prince, lol.

I've spent ages reading around all the various fan sites like The Leaky Cauldron and HP Lexicon and I'm utterly fascinated by all the theories about what will happen in Book 7. I'm especially taken with the various Professor Snape theories flying around. Emily and I have re-watched all four films this weekend looking for clues. Mind you, you can never have too much of the decidedly handsome Alan Rickman in those black robes and wig.....

It's a shame really that Emily's discovered Harry Potter so late.....it would have been fun to join in the excitement and detective work about what was going to be in the other books too, rather than now all we've got left is Book 7. Oh well.

Meanwhile: Sunday was my birthday and I have some lovely treats, including a beautiful ring that Emily had chosen herself and four fab homemade cards. There was a bit of unwelcome drama on Sunday, though - Emily went to the loo and found lots of blood when she wiped herself :-/// Bless her, she came rushing out of the bathroom all excited telling us she thought she'd started her periods.......okkkaaay, we thought as our seven year old disappeared before our eyes. As it happens, it wasn't that. It seems to be a nasty bout of cystitis :-(( It's mostly over now as she's been drinking tons of water, but that was a bit of a worry. Still, I guess we must be doing something right if she finds the prospect of growing up so exciting rather than something to be dreaded!

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IndigoShirl said...

Yeh, we can't wait for the next film.

By the way Cranberry juice is excellent for cystitis.