Thursday, August 30, 2007

Haw's Syndrome

Looks like our baby kits have Haw's Syndrome. At least that's what I think it is (and am hoping it is). Over the last week we've noticed that their third eyelids are very prominent, often covering half their eyes. Of course Voldemort's were when he was very ill because it's a major symptom of cat illness, but even now they're both very fine and perfectly well and happy, the eyelid thing is still there. Took a picture yesterday of the kits playing together at the top of the tall climbing tree, which shows it very clearly:
I say we're hoping it's Haw's Syndrome because according to the research I've done this morning (here for instance) it appears that this doesn't cause the cat any pain or other problems, and will resolve itself without treatment, even though it may take several months to go away. It also doesn't appear to be causing them any pain or distress, so that's something to be thankful for. We'll mention it to the vet when we go back for the second vaccinations, but hopefully, other than looking a bit odd, it's not going to be a problem for the babies. It does say it can be associated with tapeworms, but they've been wormed and are not showing any of the symptoms for that.

Emily's friend Maisie is round for the day today, so they're busy kitten-sitting as I type. The kits have played with them non stop for the last two hours, so I think they like all the attention!

Yesterday was a bit of a funny day; thought we had to go out, then we didn't, then we did, then we didn't - extremely disorganised, lol. We did accomplish some bits and pieces, though. Emily wrote up the results of her chromatography experiment:We also had great fun role playing running an Egyptian city, inspired by Emily's recent doings on the Pharaoh PC game.

Emily completed the egg tempera painting work we were supposed to be doing the other day; she painted this lovely version of one of Giotto's angels:The original angel is a detail from the Dream of Joachim. She also added a page to her artists book all about Giotto, with printouts of some of his works.

While Emily was doing that, I read the first three chapters of Tales from Ancient China to her, and we made notes of the names of the Gods/Goddesses/Spirits we'd come across. She was very intrigued to discover that the sacred symbols given to man by Fu-Hsi were the origin of the feng shui Pa Kua, which relates back to the magic squares work she did with Jackie several weeks back. I love the way things tie together!

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