Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nearly 14 Months

That's how long ago Emily made the modroc Tutankhamun mask she finally got round to painting today - we're nothing if not organised! Looking back on the blog I can see she made it on July 2nd 2006 and it's been hanging unpainted on our wall ever since. Recently, someone mistook it for a cast of one of my, so we decided it was time it got painted! (For the benefit of anyone wondering...I may be a "large lady" but it's taken from a big balloon and even I'm not *that* large so I wasn't quite sure how to take that case of mistaken identity!!)
We had a lovely afternoon yesterday, as Romy, Hazel and Tansy came to play and to meet the new kittens. Emily and Romy played on the balance beam in the garden and made potions out in the rain, as you do, while I got to indulge in the highly recommended pastime of Tansy-cuddling.

Think we've had a bit of a breakthrough in tiny kits-big cats relations. Having finally pushed me to the brink of despair last night, JuJu then decided to come upstairs and see Severus and Voldemort. She sat and ate very calmly, albeit not in the same room as them, but in sight of them. She wandered around with her tail up, nuzzling and looking serene, then she jumped up on a chair and stayed there for ages, just watching them. When one of the babies came too close she hissed and growled for a bit, but stood her ground and he stood his. Today she's slept on Emily's bed and eaten up here again :-))) Romeo had his little breakthrough the night before when he came up here and started rolling around on the floor under a step the kittens were sitting on. He's not bothered in the least now, and just stalks right up to them, nose to nose, for a bit of a sniff. This evening he came strolling upstairs and the next thing I knew he was in the sitting room eating from the kittens' bowls - think he learnt that from Merlin, as that's exactly what Merlin used to do when Romeo and JuJu were baby kits :-)

Cassie-cat, the elder matriach of the house, has seen this all before. She's not hugely impressed still, but she's dealing with it in her own inimitable style, mainly by ignoring the babies. Now we have a new pair of kits in the house, though, it does underline to us how much we miss Merlin. We have Sev and Voldy in a pair, Romeo and JuJu, but Cassie-cat's lost her brother and it's very noticeable now. We miss you, Merly :-( As it happens, all three of the bigger cats had taken to curling up and sleeping next to Merlin's grave just before the kittens arrived. Maybe he was handing out advice on how to deal with them!

The babies are getting more adventurous now. Today, we left the connecting door downstairs open so they could go downstairs and into the room where the back door is if they wanted to, which meant we had the keep the cat flap locked all day and the big three had to ask to go in and out. Typically, Severus and Voldemort weren't remotely interested in going downstairs. So I opened the cat flap again about half an hour ago and shut the downstairs door. **Now** they want to go down and are being very vocal about it too. Double trouble indeed.

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