Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome Home Kitties!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our the two newest members of our family: Voldemort is on the left as you look at the pictures, and Severus is on the right. In between is a rather over the moon Emily :-))

The kittens are a lot smaller than I remember from last time I saw them at Jackie's. Tiny, in fact, even though they're eight weeks old now, which is two weeks older than Romeo and Juliet when we got them. They're quite confident and very playful. They're also very hard to tell apart, so in this next picture I'm really not sure who's who!! This one is a bit clearer, it's Voldemort on the left as you look at it and Severus on the right. The only way we can distinguish them at the moment is that Voldy (!!) has more white flecks on his legs than Severus does.
New tenants of the leopard pattern kitty igloo Emily and I bought last week.
And alseep in it, at last - although they only stayed alseep for about ten minutes.
We haven't introduced Cassie-cat to them yet, but we have introduced Juliet and Romeo. Neither were very impressed, and there was quite a bit of hissing and spitting from Ju-Ju in particular, although she did condescend to spend five minutes sitting at the back of the settee glaring at them:
Romeo went and hid at the side of the TV (don't look at the dust if you're of a nervous disposition) but he did come out once they'd gone to sleep and went for a nuzzle with us in his favourite spot on our bed. They'll be alright in a few days time, I should think.

Oooh, and - breaking news - Voldemort's just done a poo (in the right place)!!


Anonymous said...

aww they're soo cute!!

and love the names!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Andrew says the kittens are very cute and you picked very good names for them.
he wants to know if the other cats are still grumpy about the new kittens?

(accidentally deleted and had to post again soz!)

Nikki said...

Hi Liza and Andrew :-)

Andrew, our three big cats are slowly getting used to the little kit-bits. Cassie-cat, our eldest (she's fourteen now!) isn't that bothered - she had practice at this when Romeo and Juliet arrived! Romeo and Juliet are just two years old now, and they're still a bit grumpy, yes. Juliet more so than Romeo. I think they'll be fine in a few days though. Thank you for asking! :-)

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

How sweet are they! Have lots of fun watching and playing with them you lucky people. Elle