Sunday, August 26, 2007

Poorly Voldemort

The kitten, that is, not the character formerly known as the Dark Lord. Last night Voldemort was sleepy at our meal time, even while Severus was playing; very unlike him. When we got up this morning it was clear he was very poorly. He was incredibly hot, extremely sleepy and shaking violently on and off. He hadn't eaten or drunk anything since yesterday afternoon and his eyes were half covered with his third eyelid. Poor little love could hardly lift his head up and just collapsed wherever he was put back into sleep again.

Thought this might be like when he came back from his first injections and was shaky for an hour or two - but as the day wore on he got no better at all, and when he did wake up to do a wee he staggered to his tray, half falling over and limping. It was the shaking/trembling which was worse - not only could you feel him shaking, you could see it, even from a distance, it was horrible.

Called the emergency vet, who agreed to meet us at the clinic in fifteen minutes, so Jon rushed him off down there. Turns out Voldemort seems to have a viral infection of some kind. He had a raging temperature (106 F, normal for a cat being 100-101 F), which is why he was shaking so badly and could barely wake up. The vet gave him something to bring his temperature down and an antibiotic jab, as well a very thorough examination. He came home with some antibiotic drops to start tomorrow and some more stuff for ear mites which haven't cleared up. Fortunately this vet was a lovely Scottish bloke and knew how to handle kittens, unlike the woman we saw last week.

Anyway; within ten minutes of Voldemort getting home, he was scoffing down food, drinking his water, playing with his toys, purring and climbing to the highest point on the cat tree. Bringing the temperature down gave him a fantastic recovery, we could hardly believe it!! He's remained perky all evening, much to Severus' delight - think Sev has been a bit lonely all day with his playmate fast asleep and poorly. Voldy's gone back to sleep now but he's reasonably cool and not shaking and has had plenty to eat and drink, so it's looking hopeful :-) Cost us £80 at the vets, mind, because of the emergency/out of hours consultation fee, but I don't think we could have waited until Tuesday to take him - he would have been worse tomorrow without help and baby kittens go downhill so quickly.

Oh, and we finally fixed the email issue, after more hours of attempts this morning. Finally managed to log on to the web based email and delete all 40K emails waiting there - that did the trick, eventually, although why the hell the emails were sent through in the first place is still a mystery!

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