Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our Three Boys

Romeo, Voldemort and Severus are friends now :-)) Quite good friends, in fact. Romeo gives the babies a good wash whenever they get together, which is very, very cute. JuJu's getting more tolerant of them too, although I think there's a long way to go before those relationships get to face washing stage! Oh, and because the babies plus Romeo and JuJu have had quite a few pictures on here recently, here's one I finally managed to get of the lady Cassandra, for once not looking like a black blob:
Took the babies to the vet first thing this morning, for the first of their vaccinations, since they're now nine weeks old, and for a general check up as we thought they had ear mites. Wasn't very pleased with the vet, to put it mildly. She wasn't our normal vet, never seen her before, but she clearly didn't know how to inject tiny kitties. She must have stabbed Voldemort six or seven times for the two injections before she finally managed it, and poor Severus ended up howling because she kept pricking him and couldn't get the injection in :-((( Felt awful about it, but cat flu and feline leukemia are too serious to not give them the vaccinations, imo. They'll have to go back in three weeks for the second ones, but hopefully a) they'll be a little big bigger then and b) we'll get to see a proper vet! She was very apologetic and seemed very nervous, and I know everyone has to start somewhere, but really!

Severus and Voldemort were OK once we got home and they had a nap, but around lunchtime I had a real panic. Jon and Emily were out birthday shopping for me, and I went to check on the babies. Picked Voldemort up and he couldn't stop trembling and shaking really quite badly; even once I'd soothed him to sleep he was still shaking in his sleep :-( Cuddled him tight, fast asleep and still trembling, until Jon and Emily came home, whilst frantically googling to try and find out what could be wrong. Fortunately, an hour or so later he woke up, perked up completely and was back to his normal self eating like mad and playing happily. It wore off too quickly for it to have been an adverse reaction to the injections; I think maybe he was just traumatised, poor baby :-/

Meanwhile, Romeo is having a complete sulk with me because I tried to put some Stronghold spot on treatment on the back of his neck, since I think he's caught ear mites from the littlies. I don't know why they reckon this stuff is easy on the cat - Romeo and JuJu are both terrified of having it and react as if it's burning them. I only managed to get a tiny drop onto the back of his head, amid much hissing and spitting, before I had to admit defeat. He's a big and powerful cat and I'm bearing the scars as I type. If anyone knows any tips and tricks for cats that hate the spot treatment stuff, I'd love to know! He probably won't come near me for days now :-/ The vet gave me (well, I say gave...£105 later, all told) some kitten strength stronghold stuff for the babies' ear mites, which I haven't dared try yet. Figured they're probably sore enough from multiple puncture wounds, rolls eyes, so I don't want to add that to it as well. Will have to try tomorrow, though. Hope they don't hate it quite as much as the older two do, since those ear mites have got to go before they cause complications.

Anyway. Enough feline stuff. In other news, we waved goodbye to the butterflies the other day - all five cocoons produced beautiful butterflies, thank goodness. We set them free and most of them fluttered off happily, although one had to be picked up and put on our butterfly bush, high up enough so that JuJu, resident butterfly specialist, who was watching with interest, couldn't reach.

Yesterday Emily and I did some history work on the Assyrians and their hysterically funnily named kings (amazing what an eight year old fertile imagination can turn those into).....two more sessions to go before Ancient China. We also did some more maths and started So You Really Want to Learn English Book 1 from Galore Park, which Emily pronounced brilliant and about which she complained that we only had time to do the first exercise. So I guess that one's going to go down OK.

Meanwhile, when Jon and Emily were out this morning (pre-Voldemort terrifying shaking session, that is) I got to list a ton of stuff on ebay, so I'm happy. Things are going well again. Last time I said that, life did indeed take objection and bite me on the bum. This time, however, I'm only whispering it and I'm fairly confident that Lady Fate is busy being mysterious and beguiling elsewhere and won't actually have heard me ;-) Ssssssh!

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