Monday, October 03, 2005

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I don't know what happened, I blinked and suddenly it was Monday. Probably as well, since Jon and I have both coughed, sneezed, ached, groaned, crawled and whimpered our way through the weekend. I'm finally starting to feel a little better, but Jon's several days behind.

Let's see; Saturday morning Emily and I sat for a while making tie on Barbie clothes using some patterns she got last Christmas. Then it was off to ballet which she seemed to enjoy. Back at home she and Jon had a mammoth baking session, producing chocolate brownies and banana cake for everyone's delectation, while I desperately tried to stay upright in my seat long enough to produce some work to deadlines.

Sunday morning Emily played with her styling head thingy for a while, and plaited everything in sight, then designed some themed hairstyles. She spent most of the afternoon playing on Civilisation - she was the Vikings, lol, and she made a great point of becoming allies with Elizabeth I of the English.

This morning I, um, can't remember. And then we had lunch. And then we went swimming with Hazel and Romy. Emily's sooooo close to breakthrough point with swimming now. Today she mastered floating unaided (albeit only for a couple of seconds, but it's a start!), ducking her head right under water, going down the slide (which she's been terrified of since we first went there and she went under water at the end of it) and doing a few swimming strokes *away* from me instead of towards me. She's come along so far since we started. She's needed a lot of patience and perserverance to ge this far, so we're very proud of her for her efforts. :-))

Right, I'm off to try listing some more stuff on ebay. Sold some things on the weekend for waaaayyy more than expected....which of course makes me feel guilty for not having listed more, and ages ago.....

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