Monday, June 19, 2006

Arts & Crafts

Emily and I "popped out" to The Range this morning - we only meant to be out about half an hour just to look for something for Grandad's birthday, but we were gone all morning and could have spent an absolute fortune! Great shop; I've never seen so much art and craft stuff under one roof, let alone everything else! As it was, we came back eventually with only a single solitary item for Grandad....and lots of stuff for us :-// So that knocked my newly made "no more spending on anything not essential" resolution on the head.

This afternoon Emily settled down to do the first of her "to be sent for marking" tasks on her art course. She had to draw and shade an arrangement of three different fruit/veg. After nearly two solid hours of effort, she came up with this fabulous attempt at sweetcorn/strawbs/apple:
Emily's finding it tough going - she finds painting much, much easier - but she's determined to get there and she's showing remarkable patience with it. I'd have given up long before!

Jon's also settling into his own art course. Finding time to fit it in is a bit of a struggle, but he's had two good sessions at it so far (is working on it as a I type, in fact) and seems to be enjoying it.

After the serious art session this afternoon, Emily and I had a bit of fun with some 3D decoupage. Emily made the bird card and I made the lily. Hadn't tried doing that before, but it was very therapeutic - must do some more!

Emily wants to have a go at "proper scrapbooking" so we need to get some of our photos printed off and see what we can do. One week tomorrow the ballet show begins (eeep!) so we'd better get busy this week as next week there won't be much time!

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4 girls and 3 boys said...

Love the fruit picture and the cards. My dd is the opposite - she hates painting and loves drawing. I never draw - I just paint straight off.