Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jogging Along Nicely

The last few days have passed in a bit of a blur. I know we’ve been busy, but it’s difficult to remember doing quite what!

Saturday and Sunday Emily spent ages with her lego and ello bits and bobs. Jon and I worked frantically. Jon has been working even more frantically during Monday, Tuesday and today, while Emily and I have been pottering.

On Monday we went out birthday shopping hoping for inspiration for Jon’s birthday tomorrow. In the evening, Emily went for the ballet show photo shoot and had various photos taken for the programme. That nearly ended in disaster – seconds before they started taking the pictures, once the children were all posed and settled, the teacher decided she didn’t want Emily wearing her glasses in the photos. So she told Emily to hand them over. Told, note. Not asked. Not suggested. Emily was, understandably, extremely upset. Her glasses are a part of her; she only takes them off to sleep, to get in the bath or to swim and she doesn’t feel at all comfortable in public without them. Just the kind of thing a teacher of small children ought to understand really. I despair, sometimes, I really do.

Anyway, I intervened and gave her back her glasses. No harm done then, technically, as Emily was able to pull herself back together rapidly once she had them back and looked beautiful for the photos. But the principle of the thing really, really wound me up. Took me a goodly while to calm down again once back home :-((

On Tuesday morning Emily did, er, something educational, I’m sure. Yesterday afternoon she went to Romy’s for the afternoon and had a ball playing in Romy’s super large paddling pool. It wasn’t actually that warm and Hazel had to save the two girls from hypothermia, lol, but as this year’s first Paddling Pool Day it was deemed a big success. We’re looking forward to the return match this Friday, assuming we can actually find our paddling pool and assuming too that the weather holds out.

We had some great news yesterday afternoon too – my Mum’s urgent hospital appointment, after four hours (!!) of tests, confirmed that her breast cancer has NOT returned, so all’s well in that department :-)))

Today has been taken up largely with making things for Daddy’s birthday and playing in the garden. So there we have it; not the most exciting few days, but everything feels as if it’s pottering along nicely – which makes a change from our usual state of near panic!


Jules said...

Eek about the glasses/photo thing. Very insensitive. I remember my mum telling me that I should have told my kids to take their glasses off for the school photos. I explained that their glasses were part of them (they had to wear them all the time back then). I knew that they would question why I had asked them to take them off, what would I have said? "Because you look better without them??!!" No I don't think so...

Hazel said...

How utterly archaic! Stupid woman :o(((