Monday, June 26, 2006

A Message from.....Spirit?

Something very spoooooooky happened today. A couple of weeks ago, while my Mum and Dad were away at their caravan, their phone rang. I didn't answer it as I was busy and besides anyone important knew they were away. Just before it stopped ringing, though, Jon suddenly said "That's the hospital, ringing with an appointment for your Dad. It'll be 27th July at 10.30."

I rushed to answer the phone but was too late. We were expecting a *letter* from the hospital with an appointment, but not a phone call. Anyway, Jon had said what he said with such certainty that I wrote it down and put it somewhere safe.

Today, back from the caravan for a doctor's appointment, my Mum rang the hospital to chase up Dad's appointment as they should have heard long before now and still hadn't. The lady said the appointment hadn't yet been made but that they'd ring her back this afternoon with one. They did. "It's for the 27th July," Mum told me (she didn't know about what Jon had said). I'd forgotten the date Jon had specified so I rushed off to get my note. Yep, there it was. "What time on the 27th?" I asked, cautiously. "10.30."

Spooooky. How could Jon have known the exact date (which is much later than my parents had been told to expect) and furthermore the exact time, when even the hospital didn't know it at that time? It wasn't them on the phone when he said it, but why did that phone call from an unknown person prompt this premonition? He said it just popped into his head and he felt he had to say it. He's done it before too, also spookily with another hospital appointment, when I was waiting for an appointment for a cervical biopsy after an abnormal smear. He announced one day that the appointment would be on the morning of our wedding anniversay, Feb 6th that year. And it was.

For his birthday, I had contemplated getting Jon onto a week's residential psychic development course as I've been convinced for a long time that he has latent abilities. I opted not to in the end, as I didn't think he'd want to go. Wish I had now!!

Anyway, psychic dalliances apart, it's been a productive day. Emily wrote a long letter to her art tutor telling her all about her interest and detailing (as requested) what parts of the exercises she found hardest and why. She did it in beautiful handwriting too. This morning she and I went out to PetsAtHome and to try to buy some spray on hair and body glitter for her show. Could I find any??? Nope. Could find gel but that's no good for her hair. Looked every-flippin-where. Someone eventually said that they only get it in at Christmas time; guess they may be right, the last show she did was in a November and we had no trouble getting some then.

Emily has also been busy today and over the weekend making lots and lots of fashions from this lovely kit - she's going to make a fashion scrapbook with them. She's also been watching our new Shakespeare: The Animated Tales box set. Looked again for the Shakespeare for Kids Company's Romeo and Juliet DVD - this is the performance we went to see early this year in Grimsby which was utterly *fantastic* but can't find it anywhere. They do sell Macbeth and another one on their website but they're very expensive :-(

Emily has also written her review for the Telling Pool book she was sent by Education Otherwise. She said "This is the story of Rhodri's magical quest, given to him by the Telling Pool at the time of the Crusades. I enjoyed this book because I liked the medieval setting and the connections with legends and King Arthur. I love Wales too and I picked up some Welsh words when reading it! It is a very complicated plot though and the book does take a long time to get going. It was hard to read - I think it is aimed at older children and teenagers so my Dad helped me with a lot of it, otherwise it would have taken me too long to read. The story is quite scary in places and it's easy to imagine yourself in Rhodri's place. I would recommend this book to older children who love history and myths and fantasy tales, and who have a lot of patience!"

Finally, we've spent far too long playing this TumbleBugs game which is proving strangely addictive. I'm off now to review the complicated instructions for what Emily has to wear, take and do backstage tomorrow at the Plowright Theatre. If it's anything like the last performance she did it'll be booked solid so that's an audience of about 350 - got to be good for her confidence if nothing else, lol, although the pre-show nerves are getting to me and Jon now more than they are to Emily!


Elder Faery said...

You'll get used to it! (The thing Jon did). I fought it off for years fearing I was sensationalising everything, but when I just gave up, it was like the floodgates opening. It's just a case of letting it go through..rather than hanging on to any of it, or becoming attached to outcome. I don't get future dates like that, but I get names and locations and information about previous times and events.

Funniest one recently was when Oak and I were trawling through the ads on the net trying to find the right van for us. I'd look at the photographs and say the exact location the vans came always seems like a fluke at first, but it happens over and over. Ooooh, Nikki, I could tell you some tales..but it would totally spook! *eek* Come to think of it, I am spooked now!

4 girls and 3 boys said...

Similar stuff goes on here to Nikki. My youngest son plus 2 dd's are very intuitive as well. I dream stuff that comes true - stuff could never have known. I could write a book tbh but no one would believe it.