Saturday, June 17, 2006

How Did We Ever Live Without.....

...... a polystyrene cutter??

It's delights are so many that I really don't know why we didn't get one ages ago. Bought one from ebay a few months ago but as usual in our household it didn't actually "surface" until Friday when Emily wanted it to make some Father's Day things with. Once tried we couldn't believe how much fun it was and all manner of wondrous uses popped into our heads. Really. No piece of polystyrene is safe.

Anyway, apart from that, what else should I blog? Well, on Thursday morning Emily and Jon went to tai chi and both received their certificates: "This is to certify that Emily Dana H. has successfully achieved a high standard in Tai Chi Small Circle Form with the Sheng Chi School of TAiji & Qigong" :-))) She's extremely chuffed with that and it's waiting to be framed when Gramps gets back from holiday.

They also started to learn the 24 step form; apparently he's not going to teach the small circle form to beginners any more as it's too difficult. There are a lot of mirrored movements, which are very hard, and I gather that it also includes fa-jing which is one of the major martial art components of tai chi, rarely practised in the West. Evidently they're all going to find the 24 form much easier. Both Emily and Jon did indeed the previous one very hard work, but very satisfying. Certainly dispelled the myth that tai chi's just all about standing still and waving your arms around ;-)

Also on Thursday at tai chi they did some circle healing for one of the members of the group with an injured leg. Emily *loved* that and was very keen to demonstrate to me how she'd had to hold her hands and feel the energy flowing.

On Thursday afternoon Emily went off to drama; she was rather peeved at having to miss most of the England game but I think she was glad she went in the end - not long now until the drama performance so the pressure's increasing :-/

On Friday Emily spent most of the morning arty-crafting with the aforementioned fabulous item. She made some lovely Father's Day cards for Daddy, Grandad and Gramps. In the afternoon she went to play at Romy's house where she had a go on Romy's guitar and was instantly smitten....she's now pleading for guitar lessons, lol. Both Jon and I have guitars up in the loft (although his is broken) so we'll have to get them down for her to have a go on. Mind you, I had guitar lessons once or twice a week for about three years as a teenager and still didn't manage to play much!

This morning it was a rush off to ballet rehearsal. Despite the absolute chaos I did manage to reserve a copy of the show DVD and bought two copies of Emily's photos. Emily was reuinited with her friend K (they've been at different lesson times since Easter since they're in different nights of the show but todays' rehearsal was for both groups together) and I with K's Mum, so we had a good old chat while the girls danced their hearts out. Emily left clutching a piece of paper with details of the next set of rehearsals, the dress rehearsal at the theatre and instructions for the show nights themselves. Not long now! (Breathes sigh of relief)

Straight back and into the paddling pool, despite it by then being very overcast and notably colder - nope, that doesn't deter my girl :-)) Nothing short of hypothermia will keep her out of the pool. Since then she and Jon have been playing while I've been working (booooo!). Oh, and here's a pic of Romeo "helping" me work by sprawling out next to the printer.

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