Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Raining :-))

So all's well with the world. Amazing how the pitter patter of rain makes everything look and feel fresh and exciting.

Today's been busy; it helped that we were up at 7. Getting up early really makes a difference to our day - well, mine and Emily's; Jon's usually up hours before us anyway....and to bed hours later....which makes him either superhuman or a workaholic or both, but we love him for it :-)

First thing Emily made another 3D decoupage card, this time an apple tree for Grandad's 77th birthday tomorrow. After that we got stuck in with some more body project work, finishing off our look at the heart. Emily designed a poster about how to keep your heart healthy, wrote a piece describing how the body heals cuts, drew different types of blood cells and wrote about them, answered three pages of heart/blood related questions I'd made up and drew/cut out a life-size heart to go on her model body. Said body now boasts bones, lungs and heart but is longing for the day we do the digestive system as it's getting rather hungry. Mind you, having a brain would help too, I guess.

This afternoon the art bug was calling again, so Emily worked on the second of her "send in for marking" tasks in this section of her course. She had to draw and shade a shoe, so here's one of her tap shoes. She's very pleased with this :-)) and completed it much faster than the fruits one from yesterday even though she initially thought it would be harder.
Art urges temporarily satiated, we turned to the slightly less popular subject of maths. I was idly leafing through a workbook wondering whether to bother with it when it suddenly dawned on me that there were pages and pages of fill-in-the-blanks times tables stuff. Eeep. We gave up on formally doing times tables about six months ago after a short and fruitless effort. I started explaining earnestly to Emily that we really ought to get set on learning them, at least the 2, 5, 10 and 4. "But I know them!" she said. Yeah right. Sure you do. "So what's six times four?" And then she did "it" again, that indefinable home ed thing, and proceeded to rattle off the answers to every question I asked her. OK, she wouldn't have won any speed championships, but she clearly did know the answers or was able to work them out within seconds. But, but, but, I spluttered. Last time we tried this you had a tantrum, I pointed out. Yes, says she. "But that didn't mean I could do it. It just meant I couldn't see the point."

Well, that was me told, then.

We called it a day and off she went to pootle about with various Emily type things for half an hour before yoga, while I secretly made her a "well done" Hula Girl card to give her on the last night of her show next week ;-) Bought her a little wobbly Hula Girl ornament from a US seller on ebay the other day, too, as a momento. It's quite cute actually, the type of thing that's meant to sit on your dashboard and wobble!

At yoga they did some impossibly loud running about-y, scream-y, giggly game for nearly the whole hour, although the teacher assured us it really did have something to do with learning sanskrit names. Seemed to go down well, anyway! Love that child's bizarre tolerance levels. That's just the kind of thing she'd absolutely HATE in most circumstances and which would end in tears.....but tonight she was probably one of the loudest and giggliest, lol. It's astonishing how much more at ease she becomes when the atmosphere is right!


Deb said...

I don't like the rain, I much prefer it hot and sunny!

Fab shoe - I'm in awe of you artistic lot! As for not seeing the point with times tables - ROFL!

Have you changed your comments settings? It wasn't a pop-up before, was it?

Nikki said...

Oooh, not me, Deb. I really dislike it hot. As well as the rain I love the wind too. Give me autumn over summer any day, lol. No, haven't change the comments settings. It always was a pop up, I think.