Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting Somewhere with Maths

Two posts in one day. You'd never know I have work to be doing ;-)

Well today Emily and I *did* get back to work, albeit horribly late in the morning having failed to wake up early yet again. Emily did the online maths assessment at Whizz Maths and in doing so set my mind hugely at rest. Turns out she has an average "maths age" of 8.8 years, with some areas such as fractions being 9.75 years. So, we must be getting somewhere after all then, despite the tears and the tantrums (from me) and the obstinate refusal to understand that the two times table is not the most excruciating form of torture known to mankind (from Emily).

Mind you, it said the assessment would take 30-40 minutes and it took Emily well over an hour - think that's to do with the flippin times tables again. She's perfectly capable of working out 6x4, 3x9, 5x8 blah blah, but that's exactly what she insists on doing - working it out. Which of course takes so much longer than just knowing it. Bizarrely, she'd rather spend ages painfully working out a times table sum each time she needs it than spend a little time actually learning and remembering the damn things. Oh well.

We spent the rest of the day practising yoga ready for Emily's test this evening, and we also played 29 rounds of Get a Letter, which Emily won by 18 to 11 :-//

Of course we also had a little foray into Animal Crossing Wild World ;-) Well, you have to, don't you? Still no shovel :-(( I'm starting to get a bit cross about that now. Sarah, thanks muchly for your advice. Unfortunately I can't get the wireless thingy working either at the moment, so I'm a bit stuck. I went through the set up procedure and it successfully "found" our BT Voyager wireless thingy, but then said it couldn't connect via it. If the shovel still hasn't appeared by this time next week then I think we'll have to scrap the game and start from scratch and hope it turns up next time, otherwise we'll just get increasingly fed up not being able to grow anything or dig up fossils and stuff. Did build another snowman though - and this one wasn't perfect either, lol. It's quite scarily addictive, that game!

Right, well, back to the real world. I've just accidentally marked 30 odd items as despatched on ebay without having printed them off first, so now I've got no idea what was due for despatch on there today and will have to trawl through the records in the hope of catching everything. Oh joy.


Sarah said...

hmm, that missing shovel is really weird, I've started new towns a couple of times and never had to wait more than a day for one. A shovel is kind of vital really!

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Glad it wasn't just us that had a few hiccups getting back into a routine after Christmas! Elle

BTW, reading your 6 weird things, I see you'd like to learn witchcraft. There was a set of 4 hardback books advertised in the Sunday Times magazine. Titles - Encyclopedia of ... Psychic World, Witchcraft, Magical Creatures and Secret Societies, £9.99 for 4, free P&P. You may have them of already course but here's the website if you're interested:
www.fsf.co.uk/elements (quote passcode L8142). Any problems, let me know as I can send you the page.