Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pretty As A Picture

Jon took Emily to have her hair cut this morning and she came back with this beautiful chin length bob!
She suddenly decided a couple of days ago that she wanted it done because she was fed up with lying on her hair when reading. She adores her new style and we love it too, she looks so grown up! She's never had hair this short before, the shortest it's ever been is shoulder length. She brought a 7 inch long swirl of cut off hair :-))

It's been a very good few days for Emily, work-wise. She's returned to her Romans project and looked indepth at Roman towns, the major types of buildings and how the towns were laid out. She also designed her own Roman town from scratch, marking out a grid street system and placing the forum, shops, houses, baths, temples, aqueducts, town gates and so on.

Emily has also been working on Roman religion and has predictably enough been very interested in the mythology and the Gods and Goddesses. We found this "God Checker" site, which was very useful and a lot of fun too. As well as reading her roman myths book and working out the family tree of the Gods, Emily has made cards for each of them with their picture, major information about them such as what they're God/Goddess of (obviously), their symbols, what they're usually shown carrying, whether anything is named after them and so on, plus who they're related to and who their equivalent, if any, would be in Greek and Egyptian deities.

Emily's also been working hard on maths whizz and doing lots of reading. At the moment she's re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with great glee. She and Daddy have just finished reading Witch Child too. We're looking forward to Imbolc/Brigid tomorrow and Friday as we've got lots planned for that. We now have a seasons/festival tree, which is a huge branch from our red tree in the garden and we'll keep it decorated with different things throughout the year depending on the seasons and festivals.

On Tuesday night at yoga Emily found out what she has to do for her final yoga bugs test which is coming up shortly, I think it's the next but one. She has to write and perform an imaginative story featuring 30 different yoga poses that flow properly in vinyassa style, and she also has to write the class warm up and wind down visualisation/meditation to go with it too. That's going to be quite a challenge! Yoga's starting to get a lot harder now - for her next test she has some difficult poses to do including Crow and headstand. During Tuesday's class they did auditions for the play they're going to do on 31st March.

On Monday night Jon went off to his regular psychic circle meeting and has now finally agreed to go on some mediumship/psychic development courses. There's one coming up in Scarborough soon....

Oh yes, and on the spur of the moment, we've bought a laptop. It'll really help with Emily being able to have internet access downstairs (it's hard all round for her to "work" online up here because our and her computers are next to each other in the study and she and Daddy manage to distract each other all the time!) and it'll also mean that I can get work done whilst I'm waiting around at her classes and stuff.

When Merlin was weighed by the vet on Monday, he'd gone from 5.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds just in that week, which was the week he started the raw food diet. That's an increase of 10% body weight and the first weight increase in over a year now, so that's fabulous news. Plus he's looking a much happier cat too :-)))

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