Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still Not Back to Normal in still not achieving much education-wise. Or maybe that is normal for us. Now there's a worry.

Yesterday Emily completed some lessons on Maths Whizz, which I'm starting to like rather a lot. We spent the rest of the day on a massive tidy up of her room, moving the big dolls house out (which meant I had to tidy the place it was moved to as well, which was no small feat) and moving some other toys back in, putting up her Harry Potter posters and generally trying to make sure things are accessible and in some kind of order. Ho ho ho. That'll last.

Today Emily's had a day off (what, already?? 'fraid so) because Jon and I have had to do some manic work catch up and I had a deadline sprung on me at very short notice. Jon and Emily didn't go to tai chi this morning because neither felt well enough. I'm not quite sure what Emily's been doing all day, to be honest, as I've hardly seen her. But she's very smiley so I'm sure it was something nice :-//

I'm still determined to get back to some serious education, but things keep cropping up that are taking up our time. We have a whole new round of hospital/doctor/nurse appointments to look forward to for Grandad, and Emily also has appointments at the dentist and optician; next week we're going to Grimsby to see a Shakespeare for Kidz performance and we're also meeting friends at a soft play centre....when you take all this on top of Emily's various classes etc it's just too much. There's very little time in the middle to actually DO stuff. Will have to get seriously organised. And up earlier. Lots earlier.

On a more positive note - We now have a shovel!!!!

Well, to be precise, we have TWO shovels on animal crossing wild world. How exciting is that???? If you, dear reader, are not finding it exciting then I can only suppose you' actually have a life, shame on you. So, shovel in little hand, our little characters have been busy planting things and digging up fossils and weird robot things the name of which I forget and, oooh, all sorts. Even Jon now has a character too and is busy helping us pay off the mortgage. Which, since he has precisely zero minus 20 minutes of free time each day says something about the addictiveness of the darn thing.

Me to Jon this morning when he paused for breath in the middle of something business related: "Go and play game. We' ve still go 75,000 bells of mortgage to pay off!" We have to get our priorities right. We have debts in real life of course.....but hey, paying them off is nowhere near as much fun :-)))

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Sarah said...

woo hoo! I'm so glad you got one! or two!! don't forget to bury one overnight, will you?

And the best way to make big bells is on turnips :)
If you can manage to ds - ds with someone else with the game to swap some fruit that'll help too.

Oh I'm so glad to find some more acww fans!