Monday, January 08, 2007

Yellow Belt! And A Snowman.....

Emily's karate lessons started back yesterday; normally Jon takes her but yesterday I went along too to see Emily being given her new yellow belt and certificate :-)) I thought the belts were solid coloured but apparently junior belts are supposed to be white with a coloured strip instead. Who knew? Anyway, she's exceedingly chuffed and we're very proud :-))

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of coughing, sneezing, feeling woozy (especially Jon who now has this cold v.v.v.v.v bad, bless him), writing to deadlines and generally trying to earn some money. Emily decided to completely tidy her room and single handedly cleared the two long high shelves that run the length of her room and were full of, well, miscellaneous stuff, some of it left over from when she was much younger...there were even packets of nappy wipes and nappy cream up there untouched for about six years. Hangs head in shame :-///// Anyway, she did a fantastic job of clearing it all and dumping what needed dumping and transformed the shelves into extensions of her ornament shelves. I'm setting her to work on our bedroom next, lol.

This morning Merlin went back to the vet for a checkup. He's doing remarkably well but had gone off his prescription diet this last few days and since he's not allowed anything else, he'd lost more weight. Result, as far as he's concerned....since the vet has now allowed him fresh chicken in a bid to get the weight back on. Canny cat. He knows what he's doing, that one. His pills are no longer a problem thanks to a natty little syringe type thingy that shoots them down his throat with water. It's not dignified and I'm sure it's not all that much fun either, but it sure beats his woeful look when every food plate of the day had to have medication hidden in it.

Today Emily and I were supposed to get back to work. Ho Ho Ho. We didn't get up until nearly 9.30 I'm afraid. We did one page of fractions and um, that was about it. She's gone off to Lincoln now with my Mum and Dad. Perhaps we'll start back properly *tomorrow* - and I think I'm going to have to set the flippin alarm clock.

And the snowman? Well yes, we've built one.... in Animal Crossing, lol. Although he hasn't given us anything. Yet. We're waiting with bated breath. Sarah, if you read this, could I ask you a couple of questions? Thank you!

a) We *still* haven't been able to buy a shovel, although the shop has upgraded and several new residents have moved in - surely we should have been able to get one by now?

b) Does Redd visit every week or just some weeks? Emily was asked by Lyle what day she wanted him to come and she chose Mondays....but he's not there today. It says in the user guide he comes a random day of the week - is that the same day every week or not then?

c) I annoyed Limberg last night because he wanted to come and visit me; I gave him a time but then completely forgot about it and now he won't speak to me. What do I do to make amends?

(and yes, it's got me hooked, never mind Emily!)


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

What an exciting time. Congratulations to Emily on the yellow belt and on the distinction for ballet.

I've tagged you BTW. Elle

Sarah said...

wrt Snowman - it is possible to build a snowman who is not perfect, then you don't get anything. You have to build a perfect one for him to send you something and then it arrives in the post the next day. You'll know if you've done it right or wrong from his comment when you make him. General instructions - get his body as big as you possibly can, then the head snowball needs to be almost as big (about up to your character's nose).

wrt the shovel - that's very very strange! I'm sure you should have been able to get one by now, yes. Are you on wifi with it? If so we could swap codes and I can give you a shovel!

Redd should visit on the same day every week, unless you talk to Lyle and change the day you want him to come. Are you sure you have both the DS clock and the in game clock set correctly? For example last Monday was New Year's Day which was a special occasion, and those supercede visiting characters, iyswim, so that might be a reason why he didn't show. Cant' think why else he wouldn't come so that's flummoxed me a bit.

Limberg will come round and be friends again soon, don't worry ;) If you get to be good friends with the villagers they give you their picture, which is very exciting, lol!

The best site I use for general info is, btw. But I don't mind answering questions, it's rare to find someone else who's interested enough to talk to me about it! Have fun!