Friday, January 12, 2007

Poetry & Paper

Better day today - some education actually took place!

This morning first thing Emily did half an hour on Maths Whizz, then she spent the rest of the morning reading some poetry and writing her own "opposites poem":

Jane likes cold things
things that freeze:
ice cubes melting
on a rough tongue

Tara likes hot things
things that burn:
flames licking
smouldering wood

Jane likes cold things
things all chilly:
icicles, stalagmites, ice rinks
cold wind on your face

Tara likes hot things
things all steamy:
fire, flames, warm, wet baths
plates of burnt toast

Jane says - glass
Tara says - candle
Jane says - ice
Tara says - sun

Jane says - ice skates
Tara says - flip flops
Jane says - water
Tara says - de-icer

Give me, says Tara
the flicker of an oil lamp
the heat of the stars
the desert in my palm

Give me, says Jane
the glide of a snowflake
the frost of a crystal
Antarctica in my palm

After lunch (and lots more animal crossing) Emily got out the Paper Fx kit she had for Christmas; she worked out how to use it very quickly and made a sample little coaster in no time:

She loved it and had soon demolished several old magazines wanting to make a bigger square in an abstract/random magazine paper style.
This second square looks really good, will photo it when I get time. I'm actually rather impressed with this kit. All to often these craft type kits end up being a big disappointment, but this one does seem to do what it says it will. Obviously you can weave paper without this kit, but it's a nice set of tools and Emily's really enjoyed using it. She's going to make a handbag and a few boxes next.

This evening was the start of the extra Friday tap lessons ready for the exam in March, so we've been to that. Emily had a great play with Kate, who she hadn't seen since before Christmas, and we set up various playdates etc between now and the end of January. Had to get a lift there and back with Gramps, because our car went off the garage today for its £700 worth of work....they failed to get it all done in the day and so they're bringing it back sometime tomorrow morning. They'd better not bet late, since it's ballet again in the morning.

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Love the poetry, very grown up. Elle