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6 Weird Things About Me


Each player of this game starts with the "six weird things about you" blog post. People who get tagged need to write their own six weird things post and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post tag six more people and don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been tagged and tell them to read your blog.


1. I don't wear make up. Ever. I don't even own any make up. I absolutely loathe make up and I really dislike seeing people wearing it. Just can't see the point, unless there's a specific, important reason such as being on stage or covering a birth mark. I must have worn it perhaps twice or three times in my late teens before deciding never again. I did bow to pressure of "the done thing" and wore make up on my wedding day though, and neither looked nor felt like me. Mind you I don't get the whole "girly thing" anyway. I prefer male company to female any day and I simply don't do girly chats, girly shopping, girly gossip, girly celebrity fandom or girly anything else. Can't stand clothes shopping and I only own two pairs of shoes, and one handbag which I never use.

2. I have a telephone phobia and go to great lengths to avoid speaking to people on the phone unless I absolutely, seriously have to. Needless to say that our mobile phone, although we do own one, only comes out of its hidey hole when we're away on holiday. I don't know its number, never carry it with me and have no idea even how to retrieve messages from it let alone use it "properly".

3. I'm a professionally qualified astrologer. Which, although I don't find it very weird, apparently makes me extremely weird not to mention stupid because *of course* I *fully* believe that if you're a Virgo you shouldn't go out with a Gemini, that all Aries people love dangerous sports, that all Scorpios are sex maniacs and that every Sagittarius in the world will meet a tall dark handsome stranger at work next Thursday. Sigh. I have no issue with people dismissing astrology, in the same way as I dismiss other things - I just wish people would inform themselves about the difference between sun sign rubbish and proper astrology *before* being rude to me about my chosen profession.

4. I would love to study wicca and witchcraft. Despite being outwardly quite a respectable, "middle class" person, I'm a witch at heart and I'm drawn very strongly towards that area. One day, I'll find the time to follow up on that particular dream.

5. I don't like summer! I'm sure that's not *that* weird and there must be plenty of other people who don't either, I just haven't met any of them. I love the rain, wind, thunder, lightning, hail, sleet, mist, fog and snow. I love dark mornings and dark evenings. I find blue skies and sunshine boring and irritating if it lasts longer than a week at tops.

6. Back in the dim and distant days when I had to work for other people, I had quite a habit of walking out of jobs. I think I've walked out of at least four good, well paying jobs in total, each time not having another job to go to. That makes me either a) very irresponsible with money and completely devoid of staying power or b) a bit of a free spirit who just had to call "enough" on a succession of jobs that weren't letting me be me. I know which interpretation I prefer ;-) Fortunately, now self employed, this isn't a habit I have to face up to any more!

People I'd like to tag to do this - um, I don't really know many other people in blog land. I'd say Elderfairy, Kris at Mud & Mischief (although I suspect she and bump have other things to do just now!!), Sarah, Dani and Allie at Green House by the Sea and Alison, although I can't seem to get to any blogs at the moment to see if any of you have already done it and/or to leave anything in the comments box!

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