Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beaming With Pride

That was Emily when she came out of her yoga class an hour or so ago. Last week, they were all given hardback journal type books, and they were supposed to decorate the covers, and then each week write in them something vaguely related to yoga - what they'd been practising, how it makes them feel, any research they'd done, books they'd read, poems, stories, whatever. Despite being ill all last week, Emily had covered hers in some sparkly wrapping paper and done a lovely cover design with yoga clipart she found. This morning she spent a while looking up which poses help specifically with bronchitis and breathing issues, then she got me to photograph her in some of the poses and wrote a piece explaining that she'd been ill but that this is what she'd found out, and how she felt these poses helped.

Well, her teacher was thrilled with her and showed/read out Emily's journal to everyone. Cue one very proud little girl. It's lovely when an "outsider" comments on something she's done - it's all very well us praising and encouraging to high heavn and back, but praise has a certain extra edge to it when it comes a) unexpectedly and b) from someone outside the family. Perhaps that's one thing that Emily does miss out on, being home educated - besides us and friends there aren't many people to take an interest in what she does. Mind you, having said that, the teachers at her school found it hard to feign interest even when she took something in for show and tell, let alone anything more important!

Today started well (if late!) when Emily managed to stay asleep until gone 9 am. She's normally awake by about 7-ish, but given how little sleep she's had this last week, that was a definite plus. After doing some yoga and her journal, we went to visit Romy and Hazel for a lovely play, then straight to yoga. She's definitely getting a little better, although evenings and nights are always worse than the days with this kind of illness. We're getting there.

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