Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feeling Brighter

Last night was the first night in - oooh, let me count them - 12 nights that Emily hasn't been sick at least once. Yayyy!!! She's getting better, finally. It's been a long haul, this one. We're not completely out of the woods yet, but this is a very good sign.

So, what's been happening? Emily didn't go to tai chi on Thursday morning, but Jon did and he's been busy showing her what she's missed this last two lessons. They're halfway through learning the form now, and they've also started something else which "it says here" is called taiji qigong 18 steps and is a series of exercises each specifically targetting a part of the body. All good.

Emily bravely decided on Thursday afternoon that she did want to try to make it to drama, so off we went. She was supposed to start last week but that was absolutely impossible, and I thought we were going to miss this week too, but she's got a core of steel, that girl, when she really wants to do something. Lesson duly attended, and Emily loved it. Apparently they acted out a magic pony carousel scene, complete with painted faces, which was right up her street from the books she's been reading recently, and they also did lots of voice exercises and mime. They're a bit pushy for money, mind - had to pay up front for the rest of the term's lessons before we even knew if Emily would like it, and next week we have to pay the full wack of next term's lessons too in order to guarantee her a place after Easter. They're doing a play for all the parents and families in July, so Emily's very excited about that.

All that activity took it out of our poor poorly little girl, though, so Thursday evening was "fun" in the very not-much-fun-for-any-of-us-and-especially-not-for-Emily sense as the coughing, sickness, temperature and difficulty breathing took hold again.

Yesterday was slightly better, and Emily spent much of the day playing Pharaoh on the PC and playing various board games with us. Then last night was much better, as I today she's been off to ballet and had a whale of time. She and Daddy have come back laden with her hawaiian costume and masses of lovely tops from the charity shops :-))

Next week, we must get back to work. We've got lots more to do on local history and local geography, and Emily wants to get back on course with her famous artists project, and to start a "proper" human body project.......the one we attempted in her first couple of months out of school evidently not being up to scratch. Meanwhile, our cashflow is feeling rather poorly yet again, so we have the somewhat daunting tasks ahead of: listing over 200 items on ebay that have come into stock and are just sat there, glowering at me; listing everything else non-ebay (at the last count that was approx 500 lines....) afresh on our brand new spanking online shop which has finally been redesigned and is just awaiting some tweaks (and all that stock....) before going live; catching up with an endless round of writing deadlines. None of the above can wait. Well, not if we want to have cash in the bank to pay the bills at the beginning of April. Oh, and urgently de-cluttering so we actually have some room to breathe, think and LIVE.

Just looked in the mirror and one of my eyes is soooo blodshot it looks as if I've been in an accident :-//// Sleep? Rest? Free Time? What are these strange, alien concepts?

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