Monday, March 13, 2006

A Poorly Old Week

It's had indeed been a poorly old week. Emily became ill last Monday night and has remained ill on and off all week with a raging temperature, chills, sweats, sore throats, weakness, loss of appetite, lethargy, floods of tears and in the last couple of days a hacking cough. She had seemed to be getting slightly better but took another turn for the worse this morning, so we went off for an emergency doctor's appointment. Turns out she has a nasty case of bronchitis :-(( Poor little lamb has had a hell of a time. Mind you, every time we've considered taking her to the doctors this last week she's suddenly rallied round and improved...only to get worse again as evening approaches and it's too late for that appointment. The last three nights she can only have had 2-3 hours sleep as the coughing has been keeping her awake (and distressed) and making her sick. Since she came out of school, we've gone 18 months without needing to use her asthma inhaler once, but it's been used rather a lot in this last couple of days.

Anyway, we now have some antiboitics which will hopefully help bring our happy little girl back again within the next couple of days. I'm all for giving a child a chance to get well first before resorting to antibiotics, but enough is enough and she clearly wasn't able to fight this off without.

So. Emily made it to yoga last Tuesday, but didn't make it to tai chi or drama on the Thursday. She was determined to get to ballet on Saturday, and did just about make it through the lesson. Good job she did, as they were handing out parts for the new show. Emily's group is doing Hawaiian dancing......for some strange grass skirts and bikinis will apparently be the costume of choice. She's still pretty poorly this evening and would have had to miss the art class - but it turns out that Gary is also ill, so the lesson has been cancelled for tonight in any case. Which she's relieved about, as she didn't want to miss anything.

Education has gone right out of the window in favour of snuggles with TV, DVDs, games and books. Emily did manage to make a lovely cover for her yoga journal, though, and today has made a lavendar filled eye cushion for use when meditating.

As for me; well, this week has provided plenty of time to sit and think, which has helped me get back some degree of perspective over all the things that were bothering me. Thank you, Kris, Elder Fairy and Jules for your supportive comments :-) I've taken steps to change some of the stuff that was within my power to change, and worked hard on finding the grace to accept the things I can't change. Out of all the things that were depressing me, Jon and I have together figured out which bits were actually *my* or *our* problems (which fall into a can or can't change category), and which bits were being imposed on us by other people, and have resolved to be more active in the "telling others to bugger off" department, lol. Feel a whole lot better now, and exceptionally blessed to have such an understanding hubby and daughter. And I've decided to begin a *serious* study of wicca and paganism. They're paths I've always felt drawn to and I just feel that they may help bring me some much needed inner strength and serenity.

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