Friday, March 24, 2006

Pootling Along Nicely

Emily's Friday achievements:
  • Sleeping through the night without a single coughing fit
  • Getting up at 7
  • Completing a KS1 maths sats practice test (she likes them, apparently) in record time and with no fuss
  • A beautiful piece of persuasive writing - a poster entitled "Important: Home Educate Your Child!"
  • Getting even further ahead in Pharaoh
  • Doing a full hour of yoga and discovering two more positions she can now achieve that she couldn't quite achieve a few days ago. She can really see her own progress which is so motivating for her!
  • Lots of geography work about land use in the local area

My Friday achievements:

  • Getting up at 7
  • Not buying any more Harry Potter lego (!) (ssssh! It's a secret!)
  • Clearing our main desk
  • Planning tons of walks for our next trip to the caravan, including having discovered the area where England's only Golden Eagles are to be found
  • Getting a clearer plan of action in my head for dealing with our masses of outstanding work
  • Deciding to sell my large collection of Myth & Magic figures on ebay - they're just collecting dust at the moment, have no sentimental value for me (before Jon's time) and at my quick valuation having checked out the going rates on ebay there's roughly a thousand quid sat unloved on that shelf!!

Jon's Friday achievements:

  • Getting up v.v.v. early
  • Taking an increasingly bad tempered, moody and agressive Grandad out shopping without losing his patience, his sense of humour, his sense of duty or his sanity
  • Fantabulous sketching
  • More of his usual, everyday, sheer hard work and graft to keep this business afloat and keep us all sane

All in all, a satisfying time was had by all. Just as well as it's....drumroll.... the weekend next...... with all the stress and work load that usually involves.

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