Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday's News

Emily and Jon had a good art lesson on Monday night. They painted harbours in Monet impressionist style. Emily didn't finish hers in the lesson and hasn't yet had a chance to complete it, but here's Jon's:
Tuesday morning Emily and I went off to the doctor's; she's finally clear of the lung infections which means no more steroid tablets (and boy was she pleased about that!). Doc wants her to increase her asthma inhaler for a few weeks just to stave off the very last bits of it.
We hot footed it back to pick up Romy and Hazel for an afternoon's play, having unsuccessfully tried to find a newsagent selling Harry Potter Goblet of Fire stickers on the way. The girls had a lovely play and treated us to the World's Longest Play (no kidding) which also involved a lovely mime sequence by Romy and a poem about servant's life by Emily. Emily and I dashed off to yoga for her test, which seemed to go well apart from some confusion over her crossing her ankles in Lion, which the instruction sheets tell her to do, but which her teacher (who wrote the instructions...) said was wrong. Don't know if she's passed yet (won't know until next week) but I'm sure she has :-)

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