Monday, March 06, 2006

Taking a Break

Today has been hugely upsetting in a number of ways. I don't seem to have anything positive to blog at the moment, so I'll take a break for a few days. I'll probably be back later to add pictures of Emily and Jon's art class achievements, as it wouldn't be fair to Emily not to; she likes seeing her work on the screen, bless her. Beyond that, I think I need some time, some space and a whole heap of peace and quiet.


Kris said...


Am trying to catch up here, but you sound completely shattered. Take a break, put your feet up and we'll all be waiting for you when you get back. :) I'm no longer on the blog ring now, to give me a little clear space.

Be well xxx

Elder Faery said...

Gosh. Thart woman sounds like an absolute nightmare (I've just read your previous post). Give me her address and I'll go round and...and..and...oops..I think stress is catching. One thing though Nikki, when you've been beaten down a bit by a nutcase-leech type charector that splits's normally time for other seedy types to swoop in and start leeching some's obvious that you need some time to rebuild your protective aura ( hope you don't mind me spouting this new age language stuff). Problem is I don't know how you can do that except to maybe sleep as much as you can and dream as much as you can (it's a real healer)..and then when you are awake..just watch out for vampiristic 'friends' who take more energy than they can give..and usually in a backhanded type of way. O lard, I've really cocked this comment up..what I meant to say is : HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!!

Jules said...

((((hugs)))) from me, and I hope you are back to your usual self soon.

Thinking of you xxx